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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ghost in my Apartment 6!!!!

My new video of paranormal footage!


  1. I like all your vids and to be quite honest, if I wasn't British[my nationality], and so ill-I would investigate it. The reason why is that I have had experiences that go back from my early childhood. I am collecting evps to put on my blogger. Anyway, I am a subscriber on YOUTUBE. Don't be afraid and keep recording.

  2. Im sorry to hear about you gf. Just watched all of your vids today and feel that what your presenting is credible. I can only imagine living in such a charged environment. I hope these experiences change you for the better. Don't let this stuff consume you. If your dealing with something that's obviously trying to be mischievous, I'd start saving for a new place. Damn man, I feel for you!!!

  3. ok so after seeing this one..there is no way for someone to rig this to happen. do you know to place the camera exactly right place for something to happen each time? Last video was living room and now kitchen..assuming you have one camera. you know history of the apt? Maybe a suicide happened there? Did your gf move out b.c of the stress of the paranormal stuff? Awful. Don't let it get you down and also it feeds on negative energy most earthbound spirits are benign, but that is not the same as 'benevolent'.
    We have two young kids and it seems the spirit activity (not as loud as yours it seems, more subtle things like changed radio stations/lights on off, clear evps etc)has increased maybe they like kids lol.
    Best thing to do here is grounding (self care/good diet sleep etc to keep you strong that translates to stronger aura too, keeps them in check). Burn a little white sage and or frankincense regularly. That breaks up negativity and i have read it works quite well to clear a space/heaviness/energy that this stuff is creating. Also, remember spirits are not some mystery and you are in position of power. you are alive, they are stuck. I would feel sorry for them before fear. They might stop the activity if it gets less attention. Lots of people tend to throw around 'demon' but it is a rare case to have that happen.

    Jeffrey Seelman is based in Milwaukee, he is well known and google him and find his site. he does phone readings/clearings and usually can tell if an attachment is to you or a spirit is just attached to the place you live. Sometimes it is attached to you..also, he seems pretty normal with rates monthly deals on his site he does a reading and clearing for not an arm and leg. I think now a clearing/reading is $50 or something not more. Not cheap but hell, a lot less than some quacks and it might be worth a shot finding out the genesis of the activity/why it persists especially if it now affects your personal life/gf having to move out due to fear. hang in there here is his site i know one person who used it for her home and it totally worked (she thinks..her son doesn't wake up screaming/talking to the imaginary 'friend' anymore, other weird stuff happened) Email him directly before booking something to make sure it is what you need and also maybe even to get a referral to someone else if y want. GOOD LUCK!

    1. The camrea is left on all nite so I'm sure other things threw out the house happened if u noticed it was early am when it happened so they prob made there way to that room at some point of the nite and that's what happened

  4. Have you ever thought about submitting your video to Fact or Faked or Haunted Collector or even Ghost Hunters? Your haunting actually seems credible. I wish I was close enough to your location to investigate!

  5. I seen your videos and I just want to say I give you a high five for being brave to put up with this poltergeist ghost you have. This ghost I would not call it a demon as it has not so far caused you any physical harm; however, this is definitely poltergeist because it makes noisy by tampering with items. As many have said its wised to get your house blessed because that spirit is restless. I'm not paranormal investigator, I'm scientist, I wish I could go there and measure the ghost electromagnetic field, I'm sure it would be very strong. Anymore hauntings in the month of July?

    My name is Craig

  6. Hey Joseph,
    This is a tremendous opportunity to collect evidence. Back in 1982 a HUGE opportunity to collect paranormal evidence was lost with the rain man incident which was demonic in nature. A demon was making rain indoors but it was not water though it appeared to look like water it felt different. No one had the brains to collect any of this liquid for testing which would have made huge strides in paranormal research. Preserve collect and process! This is a chance to prove paranormal existence! The next time a faucet is turned on, turn the main water valve under the sink off. Get yourself a small finger print kit and very lightly dust the knobs. Use a magnifying glass a flashlight to check. If you see ridge detail that's probably yours. Any think else detected should be paranormal. Spirits are not going to leave ridge detail. Do this with everything the paranormal makes contact with. It's about time evidence is collected in these cases!

  7. man so much orbs..

  8. OOOOWEE!! I got chicken skin!! Have u tried TAPS? so I have to go watch this one again! Yeah! Each one I watch 4-5+ times! Wish my place was "active" like that! Lovin tha vidz! !

  9. I lived in a two-flat for 12 YEARS with the exact same occurrences you were having. Do you still live in that apartment (2013)? The night before I moved out of my haunted two-flat, all "hell" broke loose .. was afraid they would follow me but they didn't - bet they are still there.