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I have heard a lot of great stories from youtube, blog, and also facebook. I was thinking to myself why does it only have to be me to hear all these great stories. So... if anyone has a good story to submit I will post on my blog. I really hope I get some good submissions!

All submissions must be submitted as a comment and then I will paste them as a blog! thanks!


  1. I went through a period where every night, I would feel something come in my room and grab at me and try to pull me off the bed. It was awful. I was certain, that if it got me I would die. It lasted for 6 months. the exact 6 months I had a sublet in my apartment. I have heard from other people that have lived with her that they experienced similar things. I think she carries it with her. all i know, is that it was the worst feeling. and so hard to describe to people wo have not experienced it.

    1. Can you give me and everyone else more details!! :) plz!

    2. Basically, it started one night where I thought I was waking up from a dream of a little child about 5 or so crawling on the bed and resting on my chest. as I woke up it didn't go away..and then suddenly vanished. That began it all. everynight. it stopped coming as a child and started to feel more terrifying. Just a feeling. I would wake up and sense there was something in the room. some nights I would feel it weighing down on my chest and pulling on me. trying to get me off the bed. The only think I ever saw was a dark shadow disappear out of the room. saw that a few times.the day that girl moved out. the entire energy changed. it was like it never happened.

    3. just letting you know you are not alone-one night i had my covers tugged on by a male-i could tell by the strength of it-things have gone on in my house for a long time-and i dont know why-i think its the grounds-something happened maybe from people who were on that land in the past-i dont know-or its indian ground-but it was dormant for a long time and then started hearing like walking up in the attic-and then later on voices, smell scents, get touched on occasion-not malicious but it is a bit creepy in the middle of the night.

    4. thats creepy!!

  2. well my story is about 2yrs ago I worked in a bar as a barmaid this was a very large building it had 3 levels. 1st level was a bar it had a function room in it as well for people to book out. 2nd level was a brothel (which is legal in my country) 3rd level was rooms the ladies rented out to live in. This building was over 100yrs old and happened to be next door to a famously haunted theatre.

    Part of my job was to clean up the function room when it wasnt in use, wipe the big mirror on the back wall down etc. It was a uneasy feeling in there like you were being watched non of the other bartenders would go in there alone they felt threatened. While I was in there I would see a black mist swirl in the corner, I can only liken it to black oily type smoke it would stretch out and ping back to itself. It was constantly coiling and moving.

    I never ever looked directly at the mist I would do my job and get the hell out of there, but I could see it in the reflection of the mirror and it would hover behind me almost touch me. It would also make thumping noises like some one walking or push over the plants. Generally make you uneasy.

    Well the topic of this haunting came up during a break in the break room, one of the girls was dead against the idea of ghosts said she didnt believe in them and that it was just mass hysteria making us think we see something. Everyone left the room to go back to work it was just me and her in the break room. Then suddenly one of the lockers slammed shut, she looked at me and said must have been the fan that did it, as the fan was going in the room. She went over to turn off the fan and pulled up the cord, the fan had been unplugged the whole time.

    Thats just one incident Ive had.

  3. My first story is not too scary, but was kind of strange. When I was maybe 6 or 7 years old, my brothers and sisters and I decided to put on a kind of impromptu 'entertainment show' for some of our visiting relatives. We were planning to do little made up skits and some singing and stuff for the relatives from what I recall. We planned it for that evening in the rec room in the basement. Someone made a cardboard sign with an arrow on it that we planned to hang at the top of the stairs advertising where the 'show' was going to take place later that evening, or something to that effect, and I said that I had a piece of rope that we could use to hang the sign from the top of the hand rail at the top of the stairs. I went downstairs to look for my piece of rope which I knew I had left on the toy shelf in the basement, where we kept all our toys. As far as I was aware, everyone else was still upstairs at the time visiting with the relatives.

    My Dad had built the toy shelf in the laundry room area, and it was a smaller room built into one side of the basement. I searched all through the toy shelf and couldn't find the rope which I was certain I had left there. I also searched all around the laundry room as well just in case someone had moved it. After searching all over the laundry room again and again, I couldn't find the rope anywhere. There was a wooden storage box on the floor just in front of the toy shelf and I was standing just the other side of the wooden box with my back to the wooden box and toy shelf. (I can't recall for sure if I looked inside the woooden storage box, but I think I must have because I looked pretty well everywhere in the laundry room). I remember thinking very hard for a few moments something like, "where could the rope have gone, I am sure I left it on the toy shelf?" Just then I heard a voice like a whisper say, "Look behind you." I turned around and there sitting on the top on the wooden storage box was the piece of rope I had been looking for, for the last five or ten minutes. I remember being happy that I found the rope, and then thinking to myself that the 'ghosts' must have borrowed my rope and now they had returned it to me because I was looking for it. I just seemed to accept what had happened and that explanation without much further thought, and I picked up the rope and brought it upstairs to my brothers and sisters. I don't recall being the least bit afraid or even mentioning what had happened to anyone.

    I don't recall having any other incidents similar to that ever again, so the whole thing was kind of unusual. I guess one of my brothers or sisters could have played a trick on me, but I had searched the whole laundry room looking pretty thoroughly everywhere for the rope and did not see anyone. I guess it is one of those strange things that can happen when you are a kid that years later you just can't say for sure what happened when you think back on it. I think the reason I remember this incident fairly well is because I sometimes used to think about that incident when I was growing up and would wonder what had happened there. Was it a ghost or spirit or something like that, or did someone play a trick on me? I really don’t know...

  4. I have several blogs on eblogger about my experiences, but I have uploaded the majority of my experiences onto YOUTUBE. When I am rehoused, I am still going to film activity around me. At the present, I am recording evps where I am staying at the moment. So far nothing big has happened here, but the voices I have picked up are very clear. I will update, once I get a laptop and download it all onto my blog and YOUTUBE and I have a FACEBOOK account. I will try and post mine here for you

  5. So, when I was 4 my dog had just passed. So, I fell asleep and I woke up in the middle of the night, and there was this white mist. I was about to scream, but it put it's finger up to my mouth and said "shhhhhhhhh" and then it disappeared. I hopped up and ran over to my parents who were in the family room and they said they they would check my room. I didn't remember anything else from that night, strangely. The next morning, I got up and walked over to my parents. I asked them if they remembered anything from last night and they said "No, I don't remember anything at all."

    Four or five years later my great grandma had died, and we had her wine cellar pantry thing. Up to current day it still opens and closes event though it is locked. Then I started "Nathan's Paranormal Investigation's" not just to prove that my house is haunted, but that GHOSTS DO EXIST.

  6. I won't even get INTO the stories from when I was little- they were not awful but they were certainly strange. Incidents went away as I got older, returned as teenager, and have returned again as I approach middle age.

    I moved into this house, built in 1931, three years ago almost exactly. I like the house a lot and still do. Great construction- the house is stucco-walled, which will be important in a minute.

    First odd thing was when I first got here in 2009. I still had loaner furniture so it must have been late June or July. Went to sleep one night and was abruptly woken up by "plop" feeling/sound on my bed, just past my feet. I shot instantly awake and knew for some reason the ceiling light cover had fallen. I turned on the light and it was so. It had come off and fallen, not just downwards, but LATERALLY across the room like a frisbee.

    Doors and cupboards have pretty well continually flapped about (I don't know if they did so while I was deployed- I'll check with my son, but I'm not too interested in that. They rarely do so when I'm looking, and even when they do I can assign the event to the wood swelling or shrinking or whatever.

    But now the cats are waking me up at night by meowing and paddling their paws at a certain place on my bedroom wall. It's a stucco wall with nothing on it. There's nothing there! My mom has suggested it may be hollow, and something is inside either making very soft noises or electromagnetic anomalies, and I will check this week with housing to see if they can tell me. This is a house on a military base, so they may well still have the architectural plans.

    One last thing for the moment- and this was day before yesterday. I had given my two rats a bath in the tub with some hydrocortisone 'poo (one is itchy). I left the shampoo in the bathroom. Day before yesterday I walk to the bathroom thru my bedroom, you have to, as the house is two-bedroom divided by the bathroom. Anyway, I catch sight of the little shampoo bottle on my nightstand. I paused and stared and said something along the lines of "Huh?" and continued on my merry way to the can. That night of course the cats started the usual racket regarding the blank wall. I reached toward my nightstand and grabbed what I thought was the water bottle. I dropped it. So I turned on the light, but could not find it. I was not about to crawl under the bed, so I just grabbed both cats, tossed them in the living room and shut the door. I rolled over happily in bed and put my elbow on what was definitely the water bottle. Apparently I had grabbed the shampoo (why it was there at ALL I still can't imagine). I turned the light back on and really searched, as I did not want to have any sort of shampoo spill in case it had come open. Couldn't find it. Found it this morning, perched upright 9 feet from my nightstand, by the bedroom door.

    Either I'm sleep walking or I'm being messed with. I downloaded some viddy-capture software this morning and as soon as I figure out how to use it I will try to record what's going on.

    That's why I'm here- your videos (and a handful of others) even if they don't explain what the f*** is happening, at least record it. Thanks for being so brave, dude, and remember to be careful.

  7. just seeing what you have on youtube is pretty convincing and i beleive what is happening to you for many reasons, mostly because ive had some weird experiences of my own. i think they started around 8 years ago {i guess thats when i really knew things were going on that i saw, but looking back, it may be longer.} i lived in a housing comission property built in the mid 1950s so it has a history. any ways we had a cat she seemed to often stare around the room seemingly following something and knew that there was something there.we would often see shadows out the corners of our eyes and sometimes lights too. one day i was at work and my wife was watching tv with the cat sitting on her lap.she puffed her fur up and concentrated on a spot on the mantle there were also some clothes drying on a chair in front of the heater the clothes fell off for no reason and 10 about seconds later a photo on the mantle fell face down, startling the cat and my wife so much so that she rang me to tell me about it.the next memorable incident was some months later it was a lazy sunday morning and my wife and i were laying in bed just talking quietly and the cat started screeching and howling and i mean really howling like she was in a catfight or something, it was that bad that i jumped out of bed and ran into the loungeroom thinking she had hurt herself, it was that loud and scary sounding she was puffed up and wild looking and did look terrified too. i have no idea what bought that on. it was kind of like someone picked her up and tried to tear her apart. that happened again about a week later it was so bad the second time we took her to the vet{they found nothing wrong and coud'nt tell us why she would do that other than fighting} eventually that cat ran away.maybe she was scared off. just went awol. another time just as we were getting in bed there was a whisper that i swear that it came from our bathroom. we both heard it clear as day it sounded like ssshhhh. that same night i has just switched off the bedside lamp and we heard it again right above our heads in between us.there were other things too mostly noises and things dissapear and then re-appear in the wrong places but we just pretended that it was not there and wasnt happening.Alot of photos we took in that house have orbs in them too. we have since moved house and have a child too. we have only been in this house for 6 months and it seems that the presence followed us to here. the first night we were here in the middle of the night our bedroom door just slammed shut really hard and it woke us all up. sometimes when we are downstairs it sounds like someone is up there sliding our wardrobe doors back and forward and no one is up there. a few weeks ago one of my daughters toys was right at the bottom of the stairs, and i know 100% it was not there when we went to bed. 2 days later the exact same toy was in the exact same place. and only last week i was touched by something while laying in bed on my side and my wife was reading a book and i felt something touch my back. it was like it was slid along the sheets and like tried to shove me along. boy di that make me jump my heart nearly skipped a beat and i went pale. my wife was asking me what happened and i really was lost for words. i didnt tell her that i was touched till a few days later though. also later that night around 2am i did feel things press on my foot and legs outside the blankets. there are other things too but ive had enough typing for now..putitbak! keep filming but be careful with how you interact because its demeanour can change in an instant. looking forward to your next video! thanks.

  8. Hi!My name is Allen Rice!
    I also have paranormal experience!
    It's was about 2 weeks ago!
    I was in my room and playing computer games called "Fear 2-Project Origin"!!
    It's a creepy pc game!!When I felt a bit hungry ~
    I walked down and wanted to open my refrigerator to eat something delicious,But when I opening,I heard someone was saying like "Don't open this" !!
    When I turn around,nobody was there!
    I though it was my auditory hallucination.
    But I don't want to think about it anymore.
    When night comes,I still playing computer games but not "Fear 2"!!I felt hungry again and I walk down stairs to take oatmeal and milk,I walked upstairs,I saw a shadow rush to me and I scream out,the oatmeal and milk were all flop on the floor ,my aunt walk out the room and asked me "What's wrong Allen ??"
    I don't know how to say it to my aunt,that night I couldn't sleep but I took some sleeping pills I felt good and sleep.
    About 3:00 am,I heard someone was knocking my room door,but I couldn't woke up and answer it!!
    Tomorrow,I bought a "Spirit Box" from a paranormal store,spirit box is a thing that you can communication with the ghost,but you should ask spirit a question that "it" can answer on the "Spirit Box".
    In night,I take the spirit box and try to ask something,
    I ask the spirit "Are you man or woman ??"
    And the spirit answer on the spirit box "female"!
    I was ashast,and I continue ask spirit question,
    I asked "What are you doing in my house lady??"
    It answered "I'm not a lady"
    I asked "Ok I apologized to you but what are you doing here?"
    It answered "To keep a watchful eye on you"
    And I was ashast again,I don't know how to ...answer it!
    And I try to tell it to my aunt,she said "Are you nuts??"
    And I wanted to push an apple in hers mouth ^0^!!

    By the way,I'm a paranormal investigator too!
    If we could be friends,come to my Facebook "Allen rice"

    1. great story, allen rice. I enjoyed reading it, thank you.

    2. plz tell me more!! i really want a sprit box!!!!!!! my uncle gill passed and i wanted to coumincate with him!!!

  9. I am going to keep mine brief.. I have had contact with spirit most of my life... never anything bad.. the only thing that scares me really when I look back is myself!

    Lately.. I have had a lot of orb activty in my house where I am in the uk and a voice telling me that when I picked up a photo that she was coming back to us... this was a couples photo and later that day I found myself 200 miles away from my home by car of course, but with a woman who I have loved all my life, hold on to her and talking her through a visualisation as she passed away. The orbs in my house died down a little.

    Until about a week or so ago and they started to go mad again and you know they are there.. sense them.. anyway.. I had a feeling this time of two people... I was talking to a friend... so I had had a bad couple of days and they seemed to ease it as I watched them dance around my bedroom... now I have an ir nv cam... I was then woken by hearing a voice say... wake up wake up smoke.. and someone touch the end of my nose... our bedroom was full of smoke from a fire that was set next door as the house was burning away in the middle of the night. The fireman said another 5 minutes and we wouldn't have made it out and the forensic gent said another 10 and it would have been through into our house. So I thank spirit for waking me to get us out...... so please remember... not all spirit are bad as most want them to think they are... many are there to help or just lost. God bless xx

  10. My story is one i ha when i was 6. I got up at midnight because i had to use the restroom, i relieved myself and walked back in to the hallway, before entering my bedroom i looked back at the wall without thinking and saw a shadow, larger than me, in a crouching position, the head of the shadow seemed to turn and look at me, the figure stood up and dissapeared, i shrugged it off and went to sleep. Another story in the same apartment was that i had heard heavy noticible footsteps coming up the hallway, my parents were asleep and my cats didnt make very loud noises, i looked up over the edge of my bed at the door, and the footsteps stopped when the noise would have signaled it being at my door, and it just stopped. i was then scared to death and screamed for mommy. there were lots more stories from that apartment, but most are simple things like noises or a faucet randomly turning on. My mother also has a picture from when she was 9 and in her halloween costume with her sister, and behind them a figure was standing up and smiling, as if it thought it was part of the family. according to her the ghost who she lived with when she was young was really nice.

  11. My husband and I bought a house in 1998. Not long after we moved in, I went to the kitchen for a glass of water around 3 a.m. as I went to the fridge, a little girl in a white dress with dark hair skipped by me. I have 2 daughters both blonde, one was 19 the other was 5. Both asleep upstairs. The next day, while I was getting ready for work, I start trying to tell my husband what I saw, he said to me, before I could finish, "you saw it too." Freaky. This house was very uncomfortable. I did NOT want to buy it, but my husband insisted. I later found out that one of the owners sons' died in the hallway upstairs. Also the father had passed away from a terminal illness. They took care of him in the dining room. In May of 2001, my husband passed in a car accident. That is when things really went crazy. My T.V. would turn itself on or off, whenever. My husband had told me he would turn the TV on, before he died.(he actually stated that in his will)My friends witnessed this. We always watched The Sopranos on Sunday night. As soon as that show was over, the T.V. would turn off. By itself! The front door would open and close, also by itself. I wish I could say that's all that happened. My oldest daughter almost fell down the stairs after witnessing something so scary in the dining room. She refused to tell me what it was. My youngest daughter and her best friend came running down the stairs one night terrified after seeing a dark hooded figure standing by the side of my bed. She saw this multiple times. I would be dragged halfway off the bed at night. I could never spend time in the living room in my house. The only time I felt happy was when I was outside on the deck. My daughter would try to have friends over, but they felt that the house was "weird" and they were never comfortable. I finally got out of that house last year.I am able to sit in my living room without having to feel that discomfort. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got away from it. I kind of feel sorry for the people that moved in, but they never would have believed me.

  12. I only just stumbled onto your findings and feel that, despite how little people will be inclined to believe me, I should finally tell someone about this incident.

    When I was in grade 2, I was enlisted in a daycare program because my parents finished later than my school did. It was at this time that I met a girl. The only things I remember about her are what she looks like and that she was more energetic than I was. One day, we were playing in the main room and had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom near the daycare was small and only had a toilet and a sink. The main hallway leading from the daycare to the rest of the school had a gate. It was closed, but because of the janitor I supposed, it wasn't locked. We got past the gate and went to the school's main bathroom. It was fairly large and spacious, though it had about ten stalls. It had a sink with a mirror next to the door, which was opposite of a wall with windows along the top. We laughed at how empty it was and did our business. I finished first and pitifully washed my hands. I then tried my hand at climbing up the wall to the ledge where the windows were. She finished and went to wash her hands. I remember her asking me if we would get in trouble for crossing the gate. I said something along the lines of "Who'd know?" and I managed to get up on the ledge and look out of the window. It was still bright out. Suddenly I got this creeping feeling that someone was there. Suddenly I just wanted to leave. Still looking out of the window, I told her we should go as I dropped down from the ledge. I looked at her and she turned around. She started to say something, but stopped. Her hands started rising. I asked her what was wrong and walked toward her. I had seen her neck for only a second and it looked red. She began to claw at her throat, mouth open in a soundless cry. I freaked. Running over to her, the room suddenly felt cold. I grabbed her arm and ran. We didn't stop and she gasped for air as we ran to the daycare. We went to the closest invigilator and quickly explained the horror which passed in the bathroom. I remember her clearly, saying "Well it serves you right. There's a gate there for a reason." The next day, my friend didn't show up for school. And she never did again.

    More recently, we bought a house this year. The amount of noises that seem inexplicable; movement, clinking from the kitchen, even speech when there's no one else here. Soon after the house, we got a cat she's kind of old and a little sickly. She never lets anyone touch her, but she seems to like me. My family thinks that she was tortured by her previous owners, but I think that she sees ghosts and is very weary. At night, she runs frantically around the house, crashing into things and even into walls. I used to thing that it might be rats, but one night I poked my head out of the door to see her full-on lunge herself under the small fold-table we have in the living room. She collided with one of the legs, causing a bowl and a half-filled glass to fall and drench her. She turned on her forelegs, hissing, and practically jumped down to the basement. I cleaned up and went to bed. For fear of describing it wrong, I won't. But there was something there, and it was not a rat.

  13. Thought I would share a few instances with you that seem to be centered around my daughter..not necessarily a place. I'll keep them brief and not explain them like a story...just the basic facts so that when I say I understand, I really do.

    My daughter and I were sitting on the coach in our living room watching a disney movie. There were movies stacked on top of the TV. The movies were all sent flying as if someone had swept them off by hand. At the daughter was 3.

    My daughter came into my room one night saying that a scary man wouldn't leave her room. Over a period of a couple of months she got more upset and began sleeping in my room. She was 8 then and to this day she wont talk about the scary man.

    Same home, my same bedroom. One of the nights she was in there and we were getting ready to go to sleep, it had started lighting. I got up to close the heavy curtains and looked outside and walking across my neighbors back yard was a woman in what looked like a light colored long night gown or dress that flowed out behind her. My bedroom was on the 2nd floor, btw. I did not say anything to her..just watched as this woman? walked across 3 back yards through fences. I couldnt move and just watched. The next night she asked me if I would buy her "a long soft pink night gown with puffy long sleeves like princesses wore to bed".

    Same home. My daughter stated that in the closet under the stairs is where the scary man wanted to live and she would tell him no.

    Different home..this one was an older home big front and back yard...huge trees. We had mowed the yard and were putting up the lawn mower and weedeater and she asked me "if I smelled that." I told her no and she looked at me absolutely terrified and said that it was the scary man smell. This was 7 years later. Nothing had been said about the scary man for 7 years in this home. No other things had happened until then.
    My daughter's in HS at this point and pretty much a social butterfly, happy kiddo, good grades and typical teenage girl.

    Two weeks after she stated that she started wanting to sleep with me again. When I asked her why she didnt say really anything.

    About 6 months of her sleeping with me off and on..I woke up one night and ended up going to the kitchen to get something to drink. Her bedroom light or closet light..I couldnt tell. Was going off and on. When I opened the door it stopped.

    It took me a while but I bought a new home which we've been in for about 5 months now. She's a senior. Nothing has happened but she did ask me when we first came to look at it if I smelled anything. She didn't say anything after that. The only thing I smelled was new construction and paint and wood floors.

    I've had a few people tell me that they think that whatever has happened or is happening, is centered around her and that she knows and sees more than she wants to talk about. When I have asked her as she got older..she said that she's not afraid but it still upsets her.

    Hopefully she'll have peace in this home. I've had it blessed and have to believe that she is a very special person to have such courage.

    'There is no spance between Life and Death. No difference between Love and Hate. If all you believe is only what you can see. Your flesh a waste and your soul lost eternally'

  14. I work at night by myself in restaurants. One night while I was fogging one restaurant I heard someone say "Hello" to me. I stopped and looked around and there was no one around. I went back to working and it said it again. I thought maybe someone was hiding around the corner so I went around and checked the kitchen but no one was there. I went back to work and it happened again. So I did a thorough search of the entire restaurant, and I even went and checked the front door only to find it was closed and locked. So I went back to fogging the kitchens cook line, and it said "hello" again. So I put my ipod ear phones on, turned on my ipod and yelled out "leave me alone" and it quit. The next month I was fogging out the soft serve ice cream machines and the one 5 feet away from me I watch the handle pull down and started dropping ice cream all over the floor. I walked over to the machine and turned it off. I walked back wards to where I was standing and the handle pulled back down again. So I told it to knock it off, walked over and turn the machine off again and the activity stopped. Fast forward a year. Im walking into the kitchen through the heavy one way door, it shuts, I turn around and the door reopens right infront of me. I told it "Leave me alone, I do not want to deal with you tonight." and the activity stopped. The restaurant is really spooky, especially when Im near the walk in freezers. Nothing has hurt me there, I think the spirit is just lonely and wants some attention.

  15. Another restaurant story. I was working in the kitchen and facing to the north, and I see something moving in my right side peripherals. So I turned to look and see this 7 foot shadow of a man, that is a solid mass just standing there looking at me. As Im turning my body to face towards this spirit, it charge at me. When it got right in my face it disappeared. I screamed and ran out of the building. The spirit went from one side of the kitchen to me in a matter of a second. A few weeks later I was talking to one of the managers of the restaurant and told her about what had happened. She told me "Oh, yeah, thats George. He wont hurt you." Well George, if thats his name, scared the crap out of me. That restaurant is now a time stop for me. I try to spend very little time there alone.

  16. thought I'd tell you one of my families spotting's.

    It happened about a year back near my 20th birthday, and it was pretty calm and quiet, not a lot happening really, until i fell asleep and my mum, brother and sister heard what sounded like crying coming from my room around 11:30pm, i was fast asleep and dead to the world, being when i fall asleep, its not easy to wake me up. but, according to my sister the crying was so loud it surprised her that it didn't even wake me up.

    she said she had checked with mum, to see if i was okay and to ask why i was even crying, and saw that i was fast asleep and a dark mass above my bed looking down at me, the sound gone but the feeling of sadness sat in the room heavily.

    she had said that the form turned, noticing the new comers and vanished, my sister had blinked and asked mum if she had seen that and she had nodded and turned, wanting to forget about what she had seen, but my sister wanted to know more, being the last time she had seen a ghost, was well, she had felt it slap her, and it interested her on why it had been crying over my sleeping form.

    but she said, the moment she stepped back into my room, i was sat up in my bed, staring at her, my eyes dull and my face slightly pale, this freaked her out, so she screamed at me to cut it out, and i supposedly just grinned and laid back down fast asleep.

    by the morning when i woke up, i felt very drained for some unknown reason and thought it odd, being i had just been sleeping, so went down stares to grab a drink and something to nibble, being i don't eat much, to find my sister glaring at me and mum staring at me worriedly.

    i was confused at first by the looks and asked what had i done, to hear my sister growl, "you know what!" i had blinked and looked at mum with confusion written across my face, and mum saw that i was purely confused and don't know what had gone on last night. so i was told that i had been used by one of the ghosts to creep my sister out.

    so that was my families sightings.

  17. i am about to tell you something that really freak me out. and to this day, i still don't even want to think about it, but i must get it out of my chest.

    the first one was rather normal for me, but also freaked me out some what, knowing they could do this scared me but amused me at the same time.

    i was sitting at mums computer one night, drawing like i always do when i have nothing to do, and felt someone and saw someone, walk behind me and off into the kitchen, i was on cam also so my friend also saw the dark mass move and was confused to what it was and had messaged me saying, 'i think your mum is awake and went into the kitchen. is she okay?' i frowned and tilted my head, knowing that it hadn't been my mums Ora i had sensed.

    i went pale when i saw the kettle lift, and be put down gently and to see it click for the boiling to start freaked me out, making my skin go cold and goosebumps to appear on my body. the cub board above the kettle had opened and a cup was gently lifted beside it, making me chuckle and the kettle to suddenly flick off and the cup to be put back, which made me frown when i sensed it had vanished.

    but thats the only time i saw it do that, and the next one i am going to tell you has never happened before in my life and has scared me to not go into the attic ever again.

    i was up stares at first before i went down stares, i had only just woken up and every time i go into the hall way from my bedroom, i always look up at the attic door, something told me something wasn't right up their but dismissed it as me being paranoid, so i continued down the stares and entered the sitting room.

    it was 6pm, being my sleeping has been getting out of control and i can stay awake for 5 days and sleep for 2 days straight without having to wake up for food or use the bathroom, for awhile i sat down stares before i went back up, being my sister wasn't sleeping home that night and i was allowed to use my computer in my bedroom, being i now share a room with my sister.

    but the moment i stepped into the turning, i had an urge to look up and look at the attic door, which i did, and regretted it at once. i saw the door open, turned so each corner was holding themselves up, as if someone had lifted it and turned it clock wise so each corner had a peekaboo slit.

    but in one of the corners, i saw a face, glaring down at me, i froze and stared at it for a few seconds, sensing i was unwelcome near that part of the house at this time, the feeling grew but 5 seconds later it vanished and the attic door slammed shut and i screamed, running back down the stares and hiding out in the sitting room for the rest of the night and during the day until mum dragged me to bed.

    but i still feel unwelcome on that spot and get creped out when i hear foot steps coming from the attic, but the thing that scares me? knowing that there was no way someone could be walking in the areas i hear it in being there was nothing there to stop someone from falling through the ceiling.

    and that one really freaks me, being i don't recognize this being.

    i was the Anonymous August 20, 2012 11:40PM, being i couldn't fit it all onto one.

  18. I have lots of encounters to tell but the most recent is just a couple of nights ago
    It started a few months back.Because I have four children still at home my husband and i have madde the garage into a bedroom.For two weeks i felt as if someone was watching me when i went to bed.One night i woke and saw a little girl leaning on the doorway.I knew I wasn't dreaming because I actually got out of bed.Iwasn't scared.I was more excited than anything.When I walked towards her I got within about two metres of her before she disappeared."No don't go",but she was gone.
    We often left the back door open so the cat can come and go.It seemed that every time we left it open we'd have some sort of activity.One night my husband opened the door as he is a smoker and as soon as he did it was like someone jumped barefoot in front of him on the cement floor.
    My husband seen her off and on a few times and often seen her sitting on our bed.I always thought it was the cat.
    Well three nights ago I woke to see this little girl right beside my bed.I have two little girls so I thought it was one of them.I even spoke to her.
    "what's up baby.Did you wet the bed"
    "well what's up.Did you have a bad dream"
    "Well,what do you want me to do?" And i reached out to comfort her.She was real to touch."Just go back to bed then"
    In the morning it felt like it was a dream.I ask my girls if they remembered coming through and both looked at me blank.So i was dreaming.Later I told my husband of my 'dream' and he said I wasn't.He heard our conversation!
    I set my video camera up a few months back and then took the dog for a walk.There was no one home.You can hear background noise.Then you can see the the camera moving up and down going in and out of focus.We tried to video at night while we slept.The camera was fully charged but in the morning it taped about a minute and was flat.
    I haven't had any activity the last few night as I've kept the door shut!

  19. Hi my name is Courtney smith im 22 years old and i live in Kansas i have had a couple experiences that took place and one really freaked me out in 2008 it was like five weeks into my senior year and i lived with my grandparents at the was on i believe a Wednesday night im getting ready to go to sleep and my cat was laying beside me and she was messing with her tail and she was bugging me really bad so i pushed her off my bed and told her to stay down for a bit so i turned off my lava lamp cuz i think i was reading so im laying in bed and all of the sudden my cat takes a running leap back up on my bed and she starts growling and hissing at a closet where her food and water is so i turned the light back on get out of bed and look in the closet didn't see anything so i just kept my light on just in case she was seeing things so then she jumps back up my bed like nothing happened so i was getting annoyed and told her it was time for bed and i turned the light back off about three in the morning i was asleep and she jumped up and layed a crossed my chest just growling and hissing no stop putting all of her weight on my chest i thought to myself stupid cat there's nothing in here get off of me. my eyes have adjusted to the dark i looked at her closet and i saw a dark figure, a head with long skinny boney fingers peak out of my closet it freaked me out so bad that i sat up really fast and turned on my light and tried to go back to sleep about 5 my cat started growling and hissing again and this time i felt something crawling up the foot of my bed i had my eyes closed the entire time it put pressure on both of my ankles and then it came up and put pressure on my chest and both of my wrists i couldn't breath i couldn't i couldn't even speak all i could do was cray and try to say let me go but nothing came out so i got the courage to open my eyes and all i saw was a dark mass hovering above me while i had a hissing cat in my face as well then all of the sudden my cat swiped at it and every thing in my body went numb and wen it was time for me to go to school i looked at my ankles and my wrists i had hand prints so i wore a long sleeve shirt to school i was so freaked out but it hasn't happened since. the second thing was my daughter was 1 year old and my grandpa passed away of prostate cancer and on night her and i was asleep at my moms house and my room was in the basement and all of the sudden she sits up still asleep and she starts laughing and giggling so i i looked over at her crib and said "papa i have to work in the morning and its very late she need her sleep i miss u" and she stops her giggling and she lays back down like nothing has happened i thought it was sweet that he wanted to spend time with her. she was the last person that he want to hold before he died and that same night my brother had a dream where he came to him and told him that he was going to die at 6:45 in the morning and that morning my brother run to my mom in tears and told her his dream and at 6:55 my moms phone rings and it my grandma telling her that he died at 6:45 it kinda freaked me and her out when she told me that story.

  20. I lived in an old trailer in AZ for about 12 years and there were a couple weird things that happened, like Once or twice I had been sitting at the computer, which was right by the kitchen and it was late. My sister had just gone to bed. I heard a loud whisper come through the kitchen say my name and when I asked my sister, she said she was in bed the whole time.

    The one time that really got me was when I visited my grandparents house in Texas. The first night I hadn't noticed much cause I was so tired from the trip but before bed, I had my journal out and was using a blue pen and just sort of doodling until I got sleepy. When I finally got tired, I got up and put the journal and the pen on top of the dresser in moms room where she was staying (my sister and I were in the living room on the pull out bed)and of course went back to my bed. I woke up at about 3 30 AM and felt a stabbing on my leg, and it was the pen, it was wedged between my thighs, sounds weird, I know! I was too out of it to really process it that moment but the next morning I woke up and remembered and thought maybe it was a dream but I down and on my thigh there bright blue pen marks so I figured I left the pen in the bed, I searched all through the bed and undearneath, couldn't find it. I went into my moms room and it was on top of my journal on the dresser right where I left it. That was easily the creepiest incident for me. The last night I was there, we heard lots of foot steps, loud coughing, it felt like someone was watching us. It scared the living daylights out of me. Just remembering everything that happened gives me chills!

  21. Hello there, I just found your site and was watching Ghost in my apartment 4. I noticed towards the end, one of the eyes on your stove came on. That's dangerous !! It might help if you research the back round of the building and land and try to find out when all this began. and or why. Then find some valid researchers to come in and investigate then bless the entire building and land. I can relate as I lived in a haunted house for 21 yrs and the last 3 of them, I slept on the couch w/all the lights on in the house.I tried to sell the house w/no luck I finally filed bankruptsy and let the bank take it back. That's how badly I wanted out of that place !!

  22. Hi, when I was younger, probably in my early teens, I and my brother had separate rooms in the basement. At the time, my parents were going thru a lot of crap, and one would move out....during that time that one of my parents were gone, me and my brothers and my other parent, would start hearing and seeing things in our house. Being in the basement, I had a curtain for a door, one night I and my brother heard running footsteps going up the stairs, and it was loud...the thing was, we were all sleeping. Other nights we all be upstairs watching t.v, and then all of a sudden hear someone talking down stairs.
    I used to sleep with some of my dolls, I had my bed up against the wall. One night i had my back against the wall, and had a doll squeezed in between. Then in my ear, i heard "Tiffany push over"...I opened my ears fast and turned around and threw my doll across the room. Ever since then I never slept with my dolls.
    My brothers would hear someone walking around in their rooms, or see cats coming in....we only had a dog at the time.
    We did find the source of why this activity was going on in our one parent that left, had a relationship with someone, that practiced witchcraft, had witchcraft medicine or whatever it was, hidden around outside our house in a pouch.
    We had ourselves and our house prayed over, then everything was okay after that.

  23. my names abbii and when i was around 9 i can remember that when me and my family lived in this huge old house i cant remember when it was built, i was too young to remeber, i was asleep in bed one night and i woke up because i could hear tapping from the bathroom, i shared a room with my two sisters one three years older and one a year younger, i got out of my bed and went over to the bathroom, i opened the door and no one was in there and as i stepped in the room the tapping stopped. at this time i thought it had been the tap dripping,after i told my mom and dad they set up a camera in our room because they got scared, from then on for around four weeks i woke at the same time every night to this tapping sound, then one night when i got up and went into the bathroom i asked if anyone was in there and the tapping was louder, then i asked if i could come in and again the tapping got louder, i went into the room and there was no one there, i turned on the lights and ran from the room, later when i asked what i said was in the room i was told that i said that a little girl was in the mirror, my parents got me checked because they thought that i was seeing things, things got worse as i got older and i saw the little girl in the mirror every night, then i started talking to her, she never spoke back, a few years later when i was around 12 i had an agument with my mum and i ran up stairs and into the bathroom without thinking, i sat on the floor crying when i heard the tapping again, i looked up and the little girl was in the mirror again but this time it was still light outside, she tapped on the mirror as she always had but out of anger i picked up the lamp and threw it at the mirror, from that night up untill around a year ago i saw her on the end of my bed every night crying, she started turning off the lights and moving things, then when my little brother was born she started taking him out of his cot and leaving him outside thr front door, we had to do something to get rid of her, she could have hurt my brother, i spoke to my friends mum about it as i knew she was wiccan so she could do witchcraft, she came around and she set her spirt free. i was doing some resurch on my old house as we moved out four months ago and i found out that every family before us had reported seeing a little girl in there mirrors and hearing tapping, i also found out that around 64 years before we moved into the house there was a family that lived there and the man and woman had killed there 6 year old daughter in what had been my bathroom, she had been held under water in a bath and left to rot in the middle of the room, i feel sorry for her but at least shes free now.

  24. this is the first time i told this story to anyone cause i was afraid that people may think im crazy. i moved into the house i live in now in 2006 and from the very start strange things began happing. it started with knocks and doors slaming and it escated to stuff being throw at me, me being scratch, bites etc. one night i was in my sister old room and i was sleeping by the closet when i feel an hand grab my arm. it started pulling me into the closet. i got so scare that i ran out in the rain pitch a tent and slept in there for the rest of the night.

  25. it started when my ex boyfriend (8 years ago)goton meth which i never noticed because i thought that was his normal from the beginning. we moved from jville to sherwood. we started to fight ALOT to where it got physical. he would pin me on the ground and put his knees on my arms so i couldnt move and hold a knife over my face and let go and catch it real quick. well he didnt catch it one time but it missed me. weird things like that. then he would wake up crying like 20 min after we went to bed every night like clockwork and say he couldnt move and something was sitting on his chest. well i got so used to this that i began automatically waking up as he was freaking out. he claimed it was night terrors. one night he did this and was so scared he wanted to sleep with lamp on and he rolled over and his eyes were white and he was growling at me like a fucking dog, but he didnt remember doing it. ok so keep in mind i didnt know what was going on till he was moved out. well that shit happened in bed i told myself he was just scaring me but he denied knowing what he just did. later i found out by my now husband he was cheating on me and we made up and i forgave the dick for doing it and we took a weekend trip to hot springs. we took alot of pictures when we were there and had them developed and all he could do was pick out demonic faces in everything and every scene. i still didnt think anything of it. as time went on he would see shit happening in the house that i didnt. i would be sleeping on the couch and he would wake me freaking out saying omg did you see that. i'd say what. he said the doors on the entertainment center flew open and closed by its self. i thought maybe he hit the bong too many times. i looked back on some picts b4 we broke up and he took one of me sleeping on the couch and there was a cloud of smoke beside me (my eyes are getting watery just talking about this) we did smoke in the house but he was standing so far away when he took this, there is no explanation even if he did have a lit cigarette. this thing had symetrical wings like an angel but a skull face with fangs turned to the side looking at me. i convinced myself it was nothing but you could look at this pict and see it, you didnt have to study it to put an image in your head, it was there clear as day. so we eventually broke up and i started work at baptist hosp and i would go to my apt each night to get things to take to jasons (my now husband). i would feel something really bad in there that i never felt b4. i was so scared that i turned every light on from living room to my bed room and on my way out i felt something pushing me out, i literally could not get the fuck out of there quick enough! this happened for about a week, until i went to the store and bought what i needed to avoid going back again. so i payed rent for 5 months and didnt even go in there again. i realized after i moved to benton 6 months later what was going on. i think maybe there was a reason i didnt know what it was while he was there bc whatever it was wanted me to stay so he could hurt me, then when he left it got pissed off and started fucking with me, because i never felt anything like that until he left. jason moved to benton that feb and i had to stay at my apt untill we planned a date to get married and i was so scared of what would happen. nothing was fine again. scariest shit i have EVER experienced in my life. it may sound crazy to you but is 100% real. i googled alot of what was going on and found demon possesion.the way he acted and the things he did like making evil faces at himself in the bathroom mirror for hours at a time. he was on meth too and that can make a person vulnerable to that shit. the night terrors was bullshit,something was sitting on his chest trying to get in and it did that night his eyes turned white and he growled at me because it never happened again, but things got real bad after that with him hurting me, cheating on me, drugs and him seeing demonic shit everywhere he went and in picts he looked at.

  26. My girlfriend and I have had a lot of crazy things happen in our apartment over the past 2 years. We think its probably because she is sensitive to spirits and can sometimes even sense things about them like looks and such. Which also makes us a great team because I lean towards the scientific approach to ghosts and capturing them and she leans towards the spiritual side of things but I do have a video that has probably the best or at least one of the best evps that I have ever recorded. I do have a lot others that I have recieved here and at friends houses. But this one is the absolute most disturbing. We even had a priest come and bless the apartment and he even admitted to feeling a dark feeling about the apartment and that was after my girlfriend was somewhat possessed which I also have on video tape since I didn't know what else to do but record it so that she could see what happened since she doesn't remember half of it happening and to search for evps during it. The video I would like to post or send to you Joseph is when she was sleeping and things were happening a lot and she felt like the spirit was angry with her and wanting to hurt her I decided to just record on my phone and just walk around and 38 seconds in clear as day and I have had countless people watch and listen to it and agree 100% even skeptics that its real is a deep male voice saying I'll rape her. First time I heard it I dropped my phone I was so shocked and worried which of course led me to being angry and recording more and more and trying to provoke it. Again like I said its insanely clear. Pitch tone everything. Absolutely no editing even needed not even amplification. I sent it to a local paranormal group and never heard back from them and just really want to get it out there and see what other paranormal believers and investigators think of it.

    1. I got it posted on youtube....tell me what you think about it.

  27. Back in 2001, I lived in an apartment with my two sons. My first paranormal experience was when I was awakened by someone grabbing my foot. At first, I thought it was one of my sons trying to wake me up, but when I woke up to find them still sound asleep in their beds, it disturbed me. I dismissed it as just a fluke. I have moved since then to my new home and experiences started to happen again. I woke up one morning and sat up in bed for a few and heard distinctly a childs voice saying, "Hi Lisa" coming from down the hallway. Again, I thought it was one of my kids, but my children don't call me by my first name. They were both asleep. A few weeks later, I was saying my prayers before bed out loud and heard a deep male voice in my ear finish my sentences for me in a way that made my prayer negative. Hard to explain, but it happened when I would pause to think about what to say next. I have never prayed out loud since. Always to myself and it has never occurred again. Nothing else has happened since these events and I hope they don't.

    1. If you haven't you should have someone investigate it or do it yourself...some say that can provoke the spirits but from my experience if they are there no matter if you acknowledge them or not and even if you move and its still happening then they are probably attached to you for some reason and they aren't going anywhere...our spirit comes and goes...things start happening then they get more and more intense to the point of us leaving and staying somewhere and then just stop and then start again a few months later again and again...whether it provokes or not i feel its better to know what youre dealing with or what it wants so that you can help it move on or at least know what to expect so that it doesn't bother you anymore

  28. My whole life i have been around ghostly activity and i completly believe in ghosts , spirits and demons. My mothers home is very active and so is my apartment. I have been touched, tickeled, heard voices, seen things out of the corner of my eye, ect... The most scary thing that happened to me in my apartment was about a week boyfriend was out of town working and my 2 kids were asleep. It was about 2:30 a.m. and i feel asleep on my couch from wathching a movie earlier. I had the lights out and the t.v. had turned off from a set timmer so the living room was now dark. I was laying on my back with my head turned to the left (i know this because this is how i was when i woke up) anyways i was asleep and out of nowhere it fealt like someone punched in the stomach. I could feel the impact of the hit and it took my breath i came to my eyes where ajusting the dark i could see a face right in front of me. I could make out the eyes nose mouth and shape of a body. It was almost the hight of a child. The more my eyes fouced to the dark it slowly dissapeared. I was so freaked out that it took me 2 hours and a living room with the lights on to go back to sleep. My kids are 4 and 9 and are scared of the dark so they holler for me when they wake up at My boyfriend don't believe in this stuff but i know what happened and what i saw. My kids bedroom door locks by itself all the time. I put a hole in the wall trying to debunk this..that is who hard you have to push on the door for it to lock by hitting the wall besides that it will not touch the wall because of a spring that stops it from touching the wall. I could go on and on but i won't. I completly undrstand where you are coming from and what you are dealing with! Like i said i have grown up with things happening to me so i know how you feel all to well. Good luck!

  29. From 1988 to 1991 I was a Quartermaster (navigation specialist) onborard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) when it was stationed in Alameda Naval Air Station. One of our watches was the bridge watch where we stood watch looking out for greenpeace’rs or anybody else from tagging the ship with graffiti or worse. The ship has been around since the 1960’s and numerous casualties have happened on that ship. Not to mention 4 people that died on a cruise that took place before I reported on board.
    Every time I had duty I would do the overnight watch. I would bring writing material and reading material. There was a radio on the bridge that we could listen to, and if we were lucky, sometimes we can watch TV while sitting on the Navigator’s chair. Mostly I would just write letters to friends back home or shipmates from boot camp and “A” School while listening to a “new wave” radio station playing Depeche or The Cure, but enough reminiscing. Walking on the passageways it would sometimes feel like someone is following right behind me. While on the bridge, every time I move my head or turn a corner I would see a white mist flash before me. I was always dismissing it as the bridge was dark with the exception of these desk lamps that would light certain locations and my eyes were playing tricks on me.
    One night, while writing a letter to a girl I met at the Palladium in San Francisco the routine white mist would show up whenever I moved my head, looked around and go back to my writing, but this night was different! I swore and I still swear to this day that somebody was sitting at the Captain’s chair at the far side of the bridge looking at me. I felt like I was looking at the person directly in his eyes even though he was not there.
    A little back story: While out to sea we would here a gyroscope alarm that when it when off, we had to inform the Officer of the Deck and the Conning Officer then reset the button. Every once in a while at shore, the alarm would go off and we would just press the reset button. That was all. The captain told us to treat this alarm the same at shore as at sea.
    Back to the story: While writing my letter after I saw the person that was not there, I saw what looked like two white shoes tippy toeing to a radar console and it disappeared right before my eyes. The second the shoes disappear the “gyro alarm” sounded and I pressed the reset button. Since the Officer of the Deck was on the Quarterdeck in shore I decided to call him at the extension. There were four phones and three of them were operational; one of them was out of order where you could not dial. I pick the nearest phone, it was dead. The alarm goes off again and I press the reset button, only this time it does not shut off. I run to a second phone and it was dead too. Now the alarm was getting louder and the white mist that I was so often dismissing is surrounding me and going around me in circles. I force run to the third phone and it too was dead. I try to run somewhere but all I see is white mist surrounding me and blinding me! Not knowing what else to do I bent down and cover my eyes.
    In an instant, everything went quiet, bright. The bridge looked so clear and empty. I picked up the first phone again, and there was a dial tone. I grabbed my books and letters and I ran to the back of the room in the chart house, and I stayed there till morning.
    As morning broke, the Assistant Navigator showed up to see the bridge was empty. “who the hell is on watch here!!” He yells “I am sir!” I yell back. “What the hell are you doing there?” He asked very angrily.
    After explaining what had happened he just smiled and giggled as if he knew that it happened before. Then at quarters (morning meeting) he told the other crew of what happened, nobody said anything negatively, they just smiled and giggled as they had experienced the same thing before.
    Other watches went by and nothing ever happened again. No gyro alarms, no white mist. The bridge was quiet all the time after that night.
    I will never forget that night.

  30. Sometimes, when I'm in the basement, (where my room is too though) I've been hearing some talking and whispering. And I go into my room, and thinks "I'm safe here". And then the door just opens and someone turn's off the light. I get scared, and run to the upper floor where my dog & cat are. They make me feel safe. Then, after a few times of this happening, (sometimes the "ghost" interacts with objects and throw things around) I've began communicating with them. Or at least, trying. I've been saying: "I know you're here. If you can hear me, please interact with something" When that doesn't work I say this before the other sentence: "I mean no harm. I just wan't to find out who you are" 2 times, the "ghost" have answered. + I've got a activity-thing that counts the activity. And I say: "Clap 1 time for yes, and 2 times for no". And the whispering, is still a question. I'm so glad, I'm not the only one with these creepy mysteries.

    - Stian, Norway

  31. My dad told all of us kids that when he passed he would let us know that he was okay, if he was able to.
    The day after my dad passed my sister and I were at my brothers house. We were all getting ready to go hang out with family and share stories about my dad. As we were about to leave we heard a noise in my brothers room. We all go look and on my brothers bed (in the middle of his bed) is my brothers recorder (musical instrument). My brothers desk drawer was open and my brother swears up and down that it was buried at the bottom of the drawer. My father was in a band so it made perfect sense. After family time my brother drove me to my mothers house to get some blankets and pillows because I didnt bring any as I lived overseas at the time and flew in to the states for my dads funeral. I get out of my brothers car and start walking to the stairs and right by the door is a hazy out line of my dad waving at me. I yell at my brother who is talking to my sister, asking him if he just seen that he didn't.
    The next day we go and hang out with my dad's best friend at my bars favorite bar. The bartender working was telling us that last night after everyone was gone she saw my dad walk a crossed the bar and sit his his stool at the bar. She turned around and he was gone.
    Later on the next day my brother, sister and I are at my mom's house finalizing that funeral arrangements and what time we are going to picxk her up in the morning. My brother had to go to his house for something he left and my sister and I look in a mirror that was on leaning against the wall and see a shadow move and follow my brother. After my brother got bacxk he said something weird happened as he was leaving. He said it felt like someone sat in the front set of his car and he could smell the dad smell.
    Little things like that went on for a while.
    Sometimes we would find coins laying ion weird places, smell a dad smell or smell chocolate.
    Usually around my dads birthday little strange things still happen. like smelling the dad smell or things falling of shelves. This past year my son was in his room talking to something that I couldn't see.

  32. When I was pregnant with my son. I was over at my mothers house and I was staying in my old room. My room is really creep you always feel like you are not alone. My boyfriend and I were laying in bed and my door knob started to raddle my door opened. my boyfriend got up to investigate, everyone else was a sleep. The next night we made sure we closed the door and my closet door. I wake up in the morning and smell dog food (my mom doesnt have a dog) as I am getting out of bed I feel a dog breathe on me. I wake up my boyfriend and tell him what happened and he looks at my closet it is wide open. He tells me that he woke up during the night and saw an older lady walking around my room. but didnt want to scare me.
    My second story is weirder. I was in 8th grade. I wake up from a flash of lightening and was a little scared my sisters room was directly below me and I heard her playing her flute. I go downstairs to her room and all the lights are off but I can still hear the flute playing I wake her up and tell her about. SHe was a little freaked out. But she said that was kind of strange because the other night she was just about to sleep and something whispered in her ear her initials.
    My parents house is pretty scary. I say away from the downstairs and my room when it is dark. I don't really like being at my parents house it always feels like somethig is watching you. When my brother was living with my mom for a few weeks slept in my room for one night and refused to sleep in my room again, he said it scared the crap out of him, he heard whispering and saw shadows and felt like something was watching him.



  35. My house caught on fire and the fire marshal said he saw a Indian girl in the attic but now one was home. My name is JD


  37. I was around 12 years old,my father alway went to another city to work so he was on the house only on the weekends, it was not yet time for him to come back, dont remember the exact day, I do remember clearly that it was not saturday, the day the he came back. So im in my room, as a fun fact let me tell you that my house is very old, it is made from a local material made of dirt and water it not even cement, it was made on the Mexican revolution so its really old and weird stuff happens there. Then again Im in my room which is the farest room in the house I come out to the laundry room and I see my father clear as water getteing through the room just by my side, He looked weird, like walking unconcious, it seemed really strange I said "Heeey Dad, didnt expect you here today" he didnt say anythingand I thought he was just tired from working so much, I ignored him like every teenager would and went to my moms room, "Hey mom I just saw dad and he totally ignored me", she replied "Son, your father is in the city, we are alone in this house" I almost crapped my pants, didnt sleep in my room for weeks...

    Sorry bout my english in mexican.

  38. I recently made a post on my blog about a ghost experience that I had. Link:

  39. 2 part post: When I was 17 years old I lived with my sister and her boyfriend. Things started occuring in the house and slowly got worse to the point of physical harm. Things started out as things getting moved around and hidden. Then my sister who had 4 cats started slowly passing on. It was at this point I was home alone during the day and I would see these deceased cats roaming the house, you could see through them. I would be home alone and would go to the restroom to have what sounded like my sister or brother knock on the door and say, "are you almost done?" I thought it was odd that they would be home during this time and when I came out of the restroom, there was no one there, no cars in the garage. We had a medium sized dog that I would literally take with me everywhere. This dog would go crazy at certain places in the house. I have honestly never seen an animal react this badly to thin air. One day I decided to grab the camera when she started growling and barking and lo and behold, there were hundreds of orbs and one was red and one was blue and the rest was white. I continued to catch orbs as time went on. The next events that unfolded was in my room. I loved my room, it was huge but when night time came I was scared to death. One night I was scared and I decided to read the Lord's prayer out loud and I did, turned off the light and as soon as I put my head on the pillow I heard something come from the closet full force ripping it's nails out of the carpet and heading straight toward my bed. I scream and literally jumped off my bed and ran out the door. My sister just happened to be in the hallway and responded, "You look like you have seen a ghost." I was like no, but I heard it and it was trying to get me. Remember, at this point all the cats mysteriously died and the sound of ripping nails out of the carpet was no mouse or rat, MUCH LOUDER! It was two days later I moved from my big room to a much smaller room. Next event was I was doing something like Catholics do, they put a prayer under a white candle and ask the saints to protect, etc. I am not Catholic but my friend whom was told me about this so I said ok lets see if this works because I was so afraid to be home daily, I needed something. So, It was in one of the really tall candles that you see and my sister wanted me to go shopping so I went and blew it out. We wasn't gone but maybe an hour and I started to get sick, just feel aweful out of no where and it proceeded to get worse. My sister was like fine, lets go home. The closer we got to the house the better I felt and as soon as we got in the drive we heard the smoke alarms going off. We all scattered from room to room and when we came to mine, the candle was RELITE and in full flame about 8 inches high and it swirled in blue and red. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. We took it outside and blew it out and of course I was accused of leaving it lit. All the while we are arguing the candle lit up again by itself. 3 times we put it out and 3 times it lit on it's own, almost like gas was poured on it because the height of the flame. The 4th time was when we knew we wasn't crazy. We decided to smother it by putting a plate on top for 10 min. After 10 min lifted the plate, and it relit. We actually buried it because didn't know how to keep it from re-lighting itself. The next event was when my boyfriend whom lived with us also at this point, had a co-worker come over. As soon as she entered the house she said, "There is something not right here."

  40. My boyfriend never discussed these things at work, who would, people think your nuts unless they witness it themselves. So my boyfriend at the time said, yea we have had some weird things here like whisteling to music or if the radio is on it will turn up the music, people have visited and been touched, cabinet doors open. She walked through the house and once she got to the hall, where my bedroom was, she pointed to the attic and said, "There is something really bad up there and I have to go." she left. The next event was with my sister's boyfriend. He loved the thought of possible aliens and made the mistake by saying, "I want aliens to abduct me tonight! I am serious!" So later that night he goes to bed. My sister and I are watching TV in the living room and all the sudden we hear a scream he comes out bloody above his eye his arm and his leg. His story was that he was dragged under the bed and something was on top jumping trying to smash him. Now my sister had a four poster bed, one of those beds that you have to literally almost jump up on to get on. When we went back to the room everything looked normal but he was terrified and shaking. I had taken audio of this house as well and I would get voices and one of them was a child that said, "I did it to him." I had all this evidence but once I left all pictures vanished, all EVP's, everything on the computer as well. Nothing made sense about anything about that house. I am more than sure I have left out some stuff but that's my story in a nutshell

  41. First i would like to say roll tide ha to tell a little about myself .. My names Vincent im 21 and from mobile alabama i have experienced paranormal activity (good and bad) all my life and have some psychic abilities ive watched your videos and am convinced they are real and would be interested in knowing more about yourself and the history of the apartment you live far as contacting the spirit dwelling in your home i would advise caution my friend for it shows to have high energy out put and contacting it could have negative affects such as bodily harm or oppression...this i have seen and experienced first hand and would wish it upon no one. because of my levels of extreme empathy i have had spirits fuck with me even as a little boy. when i was about seven or eight my toy fire truck would roll out from underneath my bed sirens blazing and roll right back underneath again as well as my water glass flying across the room both on several occasions not to mention seeing things that still make me question many things to this day. As i got older things still happen and in a way it seems to follow me. I have heard spirits talking in audibly seen drawers fly open, lights turn on and off ,seen a little girl, doors open, doors close, shadowy figures...the goes on to include an encounter with a dark dark spirit that turned my life upside down for a short while.look at me rambling.. sorry dude... the point is im interested in helping find some answers if i can and would be interested in hearing your story and if you are interested telling you more of mine

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  43. As a person who has posted several dozen video's with orbs, audio included on several of them, I understand. Everywhere I go, I can catch orbs, ect on video.

    I sent them to many different debunking sites, asking for them to scientifically explain what the deal was. Not a one came back with

    Even on my work security camera, unexplained things were recorded.

    I do readings, but I have never charged for them. I don't call myself psychic, I just say I have a gift. Spirits follow me. Tough to accept. I could never charge for it, because it's not mine to own. My destiny was told that I was to help create closure.

    Take Long Island Medium for example. Unlike how she does it, say in a group meeting, she will say (a show I saw tonight), that she has a young male, and waits for someone to pipe up. I will tell you directly who it is that I pick up. If I ignore it, or try to, the activity really picks up. I have helped our local police dept.

    Some tell me, holy smokes, you could make a lot of money. All I know is, I am never to gain from it. From helping someone. Some of the stories are just stunning. 3 times I was almost ready to re open my business (Iowa Flood 2008), and something weird happens to stop me from it.
    Scares me, but my soul knows, God will provide.

    When people thank me, I tell them, I don't get the credit, thank him, for creating the serendipity moment for us to meet. I keep getting an image, and maybe someday my stories will make a book, to help spread the word that God is listening.

    So here is my advice. Don't let fear win. Your soul has to believe that good trumps evil.

    Many people see the video's and ask, aren't you scared, and I say, nope.
    My soul believes God will keep me protected.

    I can tell you, however, that you do have a spirit with you, but you have to send me a PM. It's up to you if you want to share what I tell you.

    Any questions, feel free to ask .

  44. When I read your "about me" page I was struck with the fact that you have been experiencing this for 10 years.

    I have experienced my fair share of paranormal activity, but I have found willpower to be the best repellent. Or maybe the fact that I have been baptized Catholic (even though I don't go to church or practice Catholicism). Either way, I do not own any Christian memorabilia, nor does my house indicate that I am religious.

    From ages 3 to 23 I have been plagued by night spirits that are black, and stand at the foot of my bed. Many chock it up to "hypnogogic hallucinations", but I swear, it is a different spirit, same experience every single time.

    My mother said that I would not sleep in my bedroom at night and cry almost all the time, swearing that there was a dead man in my closet and the vents were spewing out something horrible.

    During my teen years, I would always wake up at 2:45am to 3:00am on the dot, as if I had never gone to sleep. I would always feel like something was sitting there watching.

    As soon as I became 20, the hallucinations became worse. I lived in this dorm by myself (my roommate moved out), and it was eerie not having her around. This was when the spirits became most active on me. Knowing that I lived by myself, it would choke me at night, and I could feel it at the foot of my bed. I would wake up not being able to move.

    At first I was so scared. It was so intense that I couldn't bear the thought of going to sleep.

    And then it happened so much that I was fed up.

    During one of the episodes, I was able to break it's spell on me by yelling "go away" and "leave me alone". I was so upset for it breaking my precious sleep that as soon as I woke up fully, I called it out. I ran around my apartment like a mad woman talking to whatever it was, telling it that it was nothing. I told it that it was a pest, and that pests don't do well around me. I didn't want to provoke it, but I wasn't scared anymore. If anything, I said I wanted my dignity back as a human being. I wanted to pay my bills, eat my food, and sleep like any other human being. I screamed that it wasn't just that it was bothering me at night. 'Why the HELL do you want to bother ME?! I don't have time for you! Go bother someone who has time for you!" It was silent.

    After that night it didn't come back. It didn't come back for a year.

    During that time, I had started to envision a white light around me and my apartment or dorm (whatever I was in at the time). I hadn't yet perfected it, but it came back with ferocity.

    That is when I got some holy water, stayed up one saturday night, and continued to recite almost the same thing I had said a year before.

    And from then on I have not let me guard down. I do not want that sort of hufflepuff in my life, I have no time for it. So I keep my guard up. I threw away my tarot cards (I know how to read them, and sadly, I think this was one of the links to the spirit world), gave up on palm reading, and continued to claim my living space as my territory. It could not pass without my permission.

    Stay strong! You don't have to be religious to make them/it go away. You just have to claim what is yours. And what is yours is your life and your right to live it in peace!

  45. It started when I was 5. I was at my uncles house when I was taking a shower and the sink turned on and I thought it was my aunt washing her hands so I started talking to her but she didn't respond to me so I opened the shower curten to look but no one was there and the sink was still on so I got out to turn it off and then the shower turned off and I was so mad and I turned it back on and I went in. About 2 hours later I got pushed out of the shower and the curten flow on me and tried to kill me .

  46. It all started when I was 4. it started like a little voise or footsteps. Then things got worse one night something pulled my leg like it was trying to get me off the bed when I woke up the next morning there was a black and purple bruse on my arm and I thought it was my sister but when I asked her she said "no it wasn't me " so I asked everyone in my house they said no. I was scared. Ever since I was scared of my house then I told my mom she didn't believe me no one believed me. People at school didn't believed me I was the weird one
    Then my mom started seeing things like me. My mom and I saw the same little girl in a pink dress. My name is Olivia I'm 25 and that is my story

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