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My Paranormal Story!

I have had a lot of comments on about how this paranormal activity started or what was the root cause. A lot of people ask the question "did someone die in the complex?" or "Did you make a deal with a demon?". Well the honest truth is I have been haunted for about 10 years now and I'm not sure why. I just started filming because the activity and such started to be more noticeable. So when I noticed that it was  occurring a lot more I decided to buy a HD cam and start filming every night. The first thing that came to mind is maybe that I was sleep walking but in reality it happens to be something greater than that. There are some instances in my child hood that may have caused it or may have something to do with it. 
1) When I was in the 4th grade one of my best friends died in a car accident, we were very close and the effect was very hard for me to cope with.
2) Another one of my classmates got hit by a car in 8th grade, we were not as close but we still sat right beside each other in class and talked everyday. He was kinda of the I don't give a shit kid and I was the jock type, but I was always nice to him even though everyone else wasn't.
3)Then in 9th grade another one of my friends dies in a car accident because they went to fast along a curve; however, we never really talked much and we had not been good friends since 1st grade.
4) The last incident was when my Spanish partner and good friend died in a car accident during my 10th grade year.

I am sure there are a lot of possibilities but these are just a few that I remember that I was a part of or had some various connection too in my life and the time is pretty accurate. So who knows what this spirit being or whatever it is could be, but right now it is causing no harm and I will keep everyone updated on the situation and video posts as I get them. 

Joseph Chansuolme


  1. I have always believed in spirits, and I think I may have some kind of sensitive abilities. When I was little and into my teenage years, I would hear someone call my name, but when I would turn no one was there. It stopped a few years ago, but now instead of hearing my name I feel like I can see things with my mind's eye. I work in a restaurant and the bartender and I seem to think there's some kind of demon behind the bar. Only when she's there do things happen and only when she's there do I sense things. Dark things. Nothing has happened to me yet, but I'm waiting. She hears her name being called and it's also affected her children when they come in.

    I'm really interested in your story. I've seen all your videos, and it's pretty amazing. Keep up the good work, keep posing videos and blogs, I love to read and watch the videos.

    1. Thank you for your support and I will do my best to keep everyone informed with what is going on. Right now I have a lot of footage to go through to see what all I captured on cam this past week. I hope to have the next video up soon even if i have the slightest activity. I Have only noticed a few changed in the past weak mostly just doors. As I said I will keep you informed and thank you for your comments and dedication to following me on my vids and my blog!:)

    2. Hey Joseph,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and videos. I watched with great interest. I've had similar experiences all my life, but they come and go. There will be a solid period of activity then nothing for the longest time. I don't know what triggers it, but it ranges from lights turning on and off or flickering, what sounds like movement (i.e.) creaking floor without the sound of footfalls, which I also heard in one of your videos, to the most recent - the dryer door opens most mornings just after 7am. Very weird. I guess I feel what you have captured seems credible, as you didn't have the chair rocking on its own and all the other tricks many people use. Your videos show activity with lights, doors, faucets - which are repetitive, but its the same type of activity I have seen myself. It always seems to be a few simple things that happen again and again. The lack of spectacle makes it more believeable. It's very creepy and unsettling.

      But, this hasn't been limited to my home. I've had bizarre things happen in two workplaces. I don't know if this is a case of something being attached to me or if it was something that was already there. In the first case, a voice was involved which you gotta know is probably the worst and most frightening. It all happened in a millisecond. The oddest thing about it was that it happened in a huge room full of running mechanical equipment. The room was massive, and I will preface by saying that if anyone had snuck up on me and did something, then tried to run away before I could turn around - impossible. here's what happened. I was working on a large air compressor and had been at it for a few minutes when I realized that I had neglected to bring a part with me. Just so you understand the level of noise in this room, there are several large pumps running, air compressors, fans and a massive refrigeration compressor for air conditioning. Speaking in a normal voice would never be heard. Anyway, as I was just about to turn around and go get what I needed, a loud voice said in my ear "where are you going now?" I have to tell you, I heard the voice, I could feel the breath on my ear and in all honesty, I fully expected to turn around and see one of the security staff simply asking me where I was going. But no one was there. This stuff creeps me out but I don't run from it. This time I did. I left everything - the tools, the parts, the compressor off line. I returned a couple of hours later with another person to finish up but that really scared me.

      The other workplace was a theatre that was almost 100 years old that was closed to the public and undergoing years of renovation. Much to much to go into and fill up your blog but if you ever want to talk more about this/swap stories by email let me know.

      I've also noticed (in my own home) that the activity can peak depending on who is in the home with you. A girl I was in a relationship with made this thing go ballistic. I ultimately married her and divorced seven years later.. was it a warning? heh =)

      Anyway, a happy accident that I came across your videos and blog and I hope you continue to document the activity in your home. I would love to see more.

    3. wow that is a interesting story I am glad you understand my situation! thanks for your support!

    4. Joseph, you say you use an HD cam, but what kind is it, make/model, price you paid and where you bought it? My husband is interested now in buying one to try to capture some odd things going on in our house.

    5. Hi joseph your videos are very good I myself caught an orb in my daughters room at the old house so I moved into an apartment and I'm now starting to experiance things here would u be able to upload another video to you tube I think your brill luv rachael in uk

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  2. I am a parnomal investgator please contact me on the comment wall thank you.

  3. Hey, I would have to say that it would be the 9th grade incident. Maybe it is that spirit because it was mad that you guys never really wanted to talk, and now he/she spirit wants to talk. I am good at realizing these types of things because me and my friends actually have a paranormal crew called "Nathan's Paranormal Investigation's". We are making a website so you could always look there for some help, and if you want me and my team can look at your videos and try to help. I will put another comment when the website is up, please reply.

  4. Sounds like my house, too. Just got equipment. I expect to find similar stuff. Have 2 cats- they're goin nuts too! Also, please be careful

  5. what about in your family? i think someone who was more close to you would be trying to get your attention not just random incidents....

  6. Hey Joseph,
    Just wanted to say I really am intrigued by your video's and your blog. I have had many things happen over the years, (all unexplainable) and this stuff has got me really curious for answers. So much so thatI went out and bought alot of stuff to try and capture evp's and the like, even bought a set of infra red cameras. Anyway, I guess you could call me an amateur ghost huinter ( truth seeker). Keep up the posts, really interesting. Oh, and by the way, I have caught a few evp's and such, but have yet to catch an apparition.

  7. Hi Joseph,

    First let me say, great videos. You're lucky in the sense that this spirit just seems to want your attention, and it's going to great lengths to get it. I also had a experience with a ghost, but it was when I was a child and only happened one time.

    Are you sure this isn't something that's attached to the apartment? I mean, you can see so many spirits in the videos it made me think maybe something happened in the apartment or near there. Then I read your blog and you said you've had activity around you for years.

    I'm sure someone has probably suggested this to you at some point, but have you considered getting a ghost box? I got one 6 months ago and I've been astonished over and over again at the results I've been able to obtain with it. I'm sure you could find out who is there and what they want if you wanted to go that route. It's a shame the investigator punked out on you. I tried finding you on FB so that I could send you a private message and maybe give you some tips on getting and using a ghost box, but I can't find you on there. If you're at all interested in the ghost box, I'm glad to share what I've learned with you. I'll even leave my personal email address. C'mon people...please don't email me if your name isn't Joseph Chansoulme. Hope to hear from you.


    1. Yes, I do believe there were some ghost orbs in there, but most of them were just dust particles and moths flying by the camera. With the night vision the light would shine on those things in such a way that they look like orbs. 99.9% are just water droplets or what I have mentioned but there are a small few that are real.
      Don't get me wrong -Im a strong believer and have some pictures myself from a ghost tour at Beechworth but I'm just trying to give some educational advice. :)

  8. Hi there, I found your video on YouTube and i can say, you are one of people like me, people who never believed before until they have experienced that. My story happened when one of my best friends/ lover died. We lived together, but one day i went on holidays, and after few day i received a phone call that my friend was in the hospital dying. I couldn't believe what i was hearing. I took the plane to be with him in the hospital. He was in coma, went through brain death the night before i came, so i didn't really know whether he could hear me being there. But now i know that although that he was clinically pronounced dead he was still there hearing and seeing me very well. His parents decided to let him die in case the heart stopped. They left the hospital... i stayed holding his hand. The nurse said that he may have 'lived' for between 1-24 hours. a few hours later, when i was sitting, and holding his hand i felt a push in my chest, somehow i though it was weird, so i looked at the monitor and i saw his pressure going down dramatically. I kind of thought, that that push on my chest was like a sign for me. He died. After that i went back home and of course was in a bad emotional state for a long time, but weird things started to happening in my house, like doors shutting, general cold temperature and kind of darkness that I couldn't explain. There was a very weird story with my neighbours' cat, that my friend and I used to feed. All that caused me to go sleepless for weeks. I was very scared. But still couldn't make a sense of that, as part of me believed in stories i've heard from other people, but part of me was saying that it may be just my imagination and ghosts don't exist. Until one day, when I accidentally, or maybe not accidentally landed on program 'Life Among Dead' on Sky by Lisa Williams. I started crying while watching it, as i realized what was happening. That he was coming to me because i did not want to let him go, blamed him for leaving me etc. He wanted to let me know that he was with me. And more important that it was him. That was the day when i discovered that world and things that happen have a deeper meaning and dimension than people think. Lisa Willimas who is worlds famous medium opened my eyes, and I am very glad for that. Anyway its been over 3 years since my friend died. And during this time i had some amazing scary stories happening to me. But of course as i understood that it was my friend i had no choice but just got used to it. However, there were days when i had to ask him to stop, as i was to sacred. I think the biggest thing that happened, was a day when he used my computer to let me know that he was with me. I was crying and shaking, it was like in a movie. It was scary and beautiful at the same time. I also understood that i have some kind of tiny gift that lets me sense these things. I was also thinking baout leaving the camera in the house, but i thought, that i don't want to see him, if it's possible, even though i loved him so much and still do, i would be to scared seeing something. But I' ve become very spiritual, I listen to Lisa Williams's radio blog, I have read her book. Now I know why the ghost sometimes play tricks. So what i can say is, you should read of Lisa's books, it will explain to you the most important things. And I guess there is a reason why that ghost is playing tricks on you. It doesn't have to be an important reason though. Maybe he just want to let you know he/she is there. Just speak to him. Be nice, say nice things, be respectful, ask for signs. But don't try any of those ghost connection gadgets, as they are dangerous. If you are to scared just move out. But always remember, that you never can be sure whose soul that is, it may not necessary be a good soul, so be careful. Try to grow your spirituality, you have your first step behind you already :-) it is amazing thing and will help you throughout your life.

  9. I just finished watching your vids and am thinking I should film my place as well... for the past month my housemates and I have noticed things... Like bad smells that have no source... tapping noise when we are all in bed but whenever we get up to investigate the noises stop, only to start up again when we all go back to our rooms... my bedroom door keeps opening and closing of it's own accord... cold spots around the house... the lights in the kitchen flicker... we've been in this place for about 7 months and it's just started up... we don't know if it just turned up or if it "followed" one of us... but it's nothing too bad to deal with... at the moment...

    1. Do the tapping noises at night occur in sets of 3 knocks??

  10. I guess i should have read your background first. Actually I always had a thought in the back of my mind that the chances are that it was you that was haunted and not the location per say.
    If your neighbors aren't experiencing activity than it has to be a spirit known to you that enjoys your company. You don't have a demon there. You have spirit(s) that enjoys you. You are blessed and maybe someday you too will be a floating orb around someone you truly love and miss.

  11. Hey Joseph, I have been watching your video's on youtube and i'm glad to finally find someone who isn't faking all of this stuff, It actually makes my blood boil when people fake video's of ghosts and stuff.
    I'm truly inspired by your video's, I may actually do a recording myself soon.

    I have paranormal activity in my house too, It's been more apparent the past few years.
    I actually have an EVP if you'd like to have a listen and give your take on it?

    I find the spirit comforting. It's never been malicious or anything and we had a psychic in a few years ago who picked up on it straight away, said she was greeted in by the man and he had passed in his sleep.

    Just yesterday, I was standing in the kitchen making food and my mum's friends cat came into the kitchen then started freaking out and ran off and just at that I felt a stern hand on my shoulder and I moved slightly and there was a cold spot right next to my arm.

    I'm planning on doing another EVP soon so hopefully I catch something, seeing as the activity is pretty high at the moment.

    My dog used to be my little ghost hunting partner but he passed away last year.
    Anyway, Keep those video's coming dude. Great work.

  12. i have got one still.when we are gone to enjoy our to put in youtube to publish?

  13. Hey Joseph.

    First off the bat - there's some interesting speculation on what 'spirit orbs' are on this website: I have a PhD in philosophy and not prone to mystical thinking, however, I had two separate haunting experiences in my childhood which I'd like to share with you and your audience, which stop me from being entirely skeptical. As they are longer than the character limit for this comment box, please go to my blog to read them here:

    I suspect that in the future, there'll start to be scientific explanations of paranormal phenomena. The move towards "M-theory" in advanced physics and the positing of multiple universes/dimensions adjacent or somehow curled up within our own may be the beginnings of an explanation. In other words, these things will seem less mystical the closer we get to understanding them in hard/measurable scientific terms. It would be nice if physicists interested/researching m theory would take a look at orb phenomena to decide whether they are evidence of dimensions opening up. With your videos and the masses of other clips and testimonies now available, its increasingly impossible to dismiss the evidence of paranormal activity, even if we are not close at all to understanding the physics of it.

    Anyway, all the best


  14. I just saw your video, and I want to say that I am interested in tfhbe paranormal ever sjince I had a drea m which came true the next day and I really want to sew what happens next. So please keep doing it!!!

  15. I know exactly how you feel when you say something is watching over you. I've felt something lay down in the bed beside me as well and felt the heaviness of it too! Just keep calm and try to ignore it.

  16. Hey Joseph! That sounds like you have life pretty hard...I'm sorry about that :'( I wish I could do something to help! :)
    Not having read other comments -my first thought reading your blog was, do you own anything of those people that have passed away or some item that they were close to? It could be a matter of a part of the person's spirit that is attached to that object if it indeed is one of your friends. I believe that if you get rid of/burn the object, the spirit will be at peace.
    I do not think that ignoring it is a good idea, even though from the videos you have made it does not seem to mean you any harm, I would still be careful.
    I advise you to be careful if you are going to contact it,(don't use a wedgie board) I did a wedgie board in primary school and encountered an evil spirit -It was a lovely day -sun out, cloudless sky - and when we opened the door to the spirit world, within seconds clouds blocked out the sun and there was a strong wind that blew from behind us... ... I would recommend the flash light trick with a twisty head -you turn it so it is just off and ask questions, for example, turn it on if it is a yes, or leave it of if it is a no. It seems very intelligent and with the amount of energy it has I think that it would be able to turn it on/off very easily! It turned on a tap in your bathroom that was tightly off!
    Anyway, I'd love to continue to hear updates from you and hope it doesn't get any worse...

    one question...does the paranormal activity follow you wherever you go?

  17. Hi! You may heard about JINN from cartoons. According to Quran (Islamic Holly Book) God created jinn from smokeless flame or fire before creating human from clay.They inhabit an unseen world in dimensions beyond the visible universe of humans. Sometimes they reveal themselves in one form or another. Together, the jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of God. Like human beings, the jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have freewill like humans. TV and other media have twisted the concept of jinn. Some live among mankind and sometimes interact with us, and they can be good or evil. every human has a partner jinn.
    But anyway it is just suggestion, may be something else going on.
    Here is the link for more info :


  18. Hello Joseph !
    Thank you for your amazing videos !
    You say there is "one" ghost ?! Considering all the orbs
    i can see on your videos, there is several ghost i think!(8?)
    Why do you say it's a demon ?Are you making nightmares ?
    Have you enquired about your flat "story" or what could
    have happened there ?
    Sophie from the french Alps

  19. Joseph

    i have a paranormal problem:i started losing items from my home
    like it was being stolen, so i bough a camera to catch the thief
    but when i started, at about 3:46 am my fire alarm was going crazy, there was no smoke then all of a sudden, it stopped, i checked the camera, it was broken. so now i dont have a camera to record my findings like silver dollars and piece's of fake gold. im gonna try and buy a new camera but i dont think it will be a good ending -zack

  20. I've done a lot of research on paranormal beings and if I know one thing, it's to never try and communicate with it no matter how much you want too. But I know I'm just as curious as you are to find out what it is. Whatever is in your house, I don't think it's evil. I think it's friendly. And I think there are many ghosts or whatever you want to call them, in your home. I think they all want attention. Perhaps someone died in your apartment? Or maybe someone is still with you from your past. When I was younger, I would hear the ghost of my cat in my house and at some points, I would literally feel him rubbing up against me. It never scared me at all, I'd just think of it as him saying hello after he'd been gone all that time. I wouldn't be scared. I would go further as to putting flower on the ground maybe, to see if footsteps appear. Or get an EVP recorder.

  21. Wait a minute. All of those people died the same way.....Seems Legit great story bro

  22. Mi historia solo ocurrió en una casa donde yo vivía cuando tenia 5 a 8 años. Con mi madre oíamos cosas, veíamos sombras.
    Mi madre raramente siempre caía por las escaleras, cada vez que llevaba algo, pero no le dimos tanta importancia, yo soñaba cosas horribles y también sentía presencia de algo.
    Hasta que un día llamamos a un pastor para que bendiga la casa. Todo parecía haber acabado pero no. Todo empezó a ocurrir fuera de la casa, del otro lado de la ventana veíamos una sombra larga con una cara media borrosa, atemorizante en sí, que cómo explicar... trataba de entrar a la casa.
    Mi abuela se quedaba unos días en nuestra casa para cuidar cuando nos íbamos de vacaciones, y de inmediato se quería ir porque "nos veía en la casa, y le jalábamos el pelo".
    Después de unos años ya nos cambiamos de casa y todo acabó.