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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Daytime Activity!

Yesterday, when I was laying here in bed messing around on facebook. I heard my front door to my apartment open and shut clearly it has a distinguished sound there really is no other thing it could have been. So the first thing that I thought was that someone was breaking into my apartment then after inspecting my apartment and sneaking around lol. I can to the conclusion that this could be the very first day activity that I have witnessed. What does that mean? is it a concern for me? Does it even really matter? I would like feed back on this post as soon as possible from anyone who may have advice or experience in this type of situation. It just really creeped me out this time because it has never happened during the day. Especially when you here the door open and close and the stupid thing is locked??? very weird! I beginning to wonder if its trying to play games with me!


  1. Heya Joseph. Yeah that would be unsettling for sure hearing your front door open and close when you are not expecting anyone. First thing anyone would suspect is that someone had entered their apartment. I'm no expert but I think it is not uncommon in poltergeist cases for stuff to start out slowly at first and then start to escalate a bit later.

    You can get a wireless door chime unit that sounds a wireless remote chime if a door is opened, or if someone walks through a doorway. I think Radio Shack has some that aren't too expensive. Just ask at Radio Shack if they have the type that chimes to a remote wireless chime if someone opens the door or walks through a doorway. That way you'd be alerted anytime the front door opens even if you are in the bedroom or sleeping. See:

    Poltergeists seem to like opening doors and cupboards and knocking seems to be common as well, and they also seem to like turning things such as lights on and off.

    Some references that I know of are:
    The two books by Guy Lyon Playfair ( a bit dated, but good):
    This House Is Haunted
    The Flying Cow

    Other books on poltergeists:

    Poltergeist: A Classic Study in Destructive Hauntings [Paperback]

    The Poltergeist

    The Poltergeist Phenomenon: An In-depth Investigation Into Floating Beds, Smashing Glass, and Other Unexplained Disturbances

  2. Thank you I appreciate all of the references and help! :)

  3. I think not all cases escalate. Some people just seem to have occasional amd minor things happen. Hopefully your situation won't get to the point of stuff getting damaged or smashed.

  4. Yes, lets hope it does not get any more severe!

  5. Actually, come to think of it, the book "Poltergeist: A Classic Study in Destructive Hauntings" might not be the best choice as Colin Wilson's books tend to be a bit on the weird side. :) The other books should be a good resource if you come across any of them.

  6. Heya Joseph, I forgot to ask if the front door was still locked after you heard it open and close?

  7. Ok, so either it locked the door again, or it somehow just created the sounds of the door opening and closing and never really opened the door. That is some weird stuff. Too bad you didn't catch that on video so we could see what happened.

  8. Replies
    1. For years I have had nights where I was woken up in the middle of the night to my bed shifting, like weight was being added to it the way it would if someone sat or laid next to me, but there would never be anyone there! I never knew for sure whether it was my still being half asleep from waking suddenly that made me feel I wasn't alone, but once my cat started to sleep with me, I knew it was real. It happened one night I woke up when I felt somone sit on my bed. Noone was there, but when I looked at my cat she was staring at the same spot! Another time, we both woke suddenly due the bed shaking vioeltly from beneath. I have always slept with my door closed.

  9. If this ghost is really as active as it seems to be, wierd things probably happen all the time during the day. You're probably just not aware of it. I don't think it's really a big concern. Maybe it was just reminding you that it's ALWAYS there. Not just at night. ;)

  10. Doors opening and closing during the day on their own happen all the time in my town house with no explanation and it always bothers me, but I would normally forget about it, until it happened to my front door while I was gone.
    You may think that just sounds like a break in, which is what I thought at first too. I even had some neighbor boys and their wives walk through my house with me before I walked in just in case I was interrupting a burglary. Once we turned on all the lights, looked in all the closets/rooms, I had them hang out while I looked over everything to make sure nothing was missing. Nothing was. I've been robbed before, so I also checked every window, screen, the garage, and the back gate. Absolutely no signs of break in.
    My dad tried to debunk it by my door not latching right and the wind blew it open. Which would be a decent theory, if my screen door wasn't held open too. It looked as if someone was hauling things in and out of my house.
    I even was told that maybe I didn't lock my door and someone did in fact "break in" but maybe a neighbor scared them off. That one I could debunk easily I completely remember shutting my door and locking it because it is a hard deadbolt to lock and I always have to double check it.
    What's even creepier, is that my cat didn't run away. He was just sitting by the door when I walked up alone, staring outside. When it came to my neighbors walking up with me, he ran away. (but that's because he's scared of strangers) If I ever have my windows/doors open during the day, he's constantly trying to get outside. He has his chance, and he just sits there with a very odd expression on his furry face.
    To make a long story short (I know, too late) I think your reaction is perfectly natural. I thought the doors inside my house opening and closing were scary enough, but nothing is more terrifying than knowing something opened your house to the world, and you have no idea who, what, how, or when it happened.

  11. my apt in philly before ..i got married was my first ghost stuff. Door had bells on it and opened and shut, i greeted my roomie from the kitchen and she didn't answer. Well, b./c no one was there! I called her cell and she was at WORK. I was spooked. I also had footsteps coming down the hall too. The spirit wants you to REALLY know he/she/it is there lol. It is happening when you are awake. Just like people who close doors to keep ghosts out (Guilty of that.. i keep our closet doors and bedroom doors shut, as if that keeps spirits out lol) it is a myth activity is only at night.

    Just last week I heard a loud slam in the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and guessed it was the toilet lid as what else could it be? I recreated the noise and it was the one i heard. very distinctive. Also we keep the lid closed b.c of our cats and toddler. Also the bathroom door seems to lock itself too. Activity and evps center there I often.

  12. It might also be residual haunting, during the day i mean its where previous tenants etc their energy still lingers as like a recoreded message being played over and over, might be why you heard the door open and close. In which case that particular part isnt really a ghost at all, However after seeing your videos i cant deny there is more to whats happening at night :) good luck