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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Black Mass

One of the comments I got from a viewer in reply to my bedroom story I thought I would post and share with everyone else, because this a lot like what I experienced. "My aunt and uncle were not church goers or very religious. On night as they lay in bed, my aunt and uncle seen this big, black mass coming towards them from the hallway. According to my aunt, it hovered closely above her face and she couldn't breathe or paralyzed her. My uncle grabbed the bible and started reciting The Lord's Prayer. It vanished. They didn't go to church, but they continued to read the bible every night until their death. The mass never returned, but they remained scared and never forgot about the big, black mass."  The amazing effects of paranormal just astonishes me!!!


  1. this link may be of use to you, may not. its worth a look in any case.... plenty of photos, stories, tips and other links to investigators and such.. praying is a useful weapon against spirirual attacks of all sorts! goodluck! i find your videos pretty interesting too, better than some of the garb found on the channels of youtubes famous fakers. ive subscribed and will continue to watch keenly! Putitbak!

    1. thanks you for your advice and support!

  2. Hey i am from nl and saw one of your clip with your apartement. Is that fake or not? It looks like legit. Plz post more!!

  3. That has also happened to me, the black mass, several times to be honest. It was in our old house, and my whole family thought it was haunted or experienced something. Even my parents, although they will never admit it to anyone outside our immediate family, and sometimes not even then! Regardless, I had started seeing it around the age of 13 or 14 and it lasted til I was 17. It had stopped a for a few years, then it started happening again when I was about 21 or 22. This time however, I actually started to feel it attack me in a way. I say this because I would feel paralyzed like I wanted to get up out of bed or yell, but I couldn't, no matter what. It literally felt like it was making me feel numb or something. It would last for a few minutes then pass. It happened quite a few times even after we moved out of our house to an apartment. After I finally moved away from my parents, and moved in with my sister (she moved home from Mississippi...irrelevant I know) it hasn't quite happened that I can remember. Thanks for sharing all of these videos and stories with all of us who have been believers and have become fans. Good luck with everything.