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Saturday, May 12, 2012


The story was submitted to me and now I would like to share it with everyone else! 

"well my story is about 2yrs ago I worked in a bar as a barmaid this was a very large building it had 3 levels. 1st level was a bar it had a function room in it as well for people to book out. 2nd level was a brothel (which is legal in my country) 3rd level was rooms the ladies rented out to live in. This building was over 100yrs old and happened to be next door to a famously haunted theatre.

Part of my job was to clean up the function room when it wasnt in use, wipe the big mirror on the back wall down etc. It was a uneasy feeling in there like you were being watched non of the other bartenders would go in there alone they felt threatened. While I was in there I would see a black mist swirl in the corner, I can only liken it to black oily type smoke it would stretch out and ping back to itself. It was constantly coiling and moving.

I never ever looked directly at the mist I would do my job and get the hell out of there, but I could see it in the reflection of the mirror and it would hover behind me almost touch me. It would also make thumping noises like some one walking or push over the plants. Generally make you uneasy.

Well the topic of this haunting came up during a break in the break room, one of the girls was dead against the idea of ghosts said she didnt believe in them and that it was just mass hysteria making us think we see something. Everyone left the room to go back to work it was just me and her in the break room. Then suddenly one of the lockers slammed shut, she looked at me and said must have been the fan that did it, as the fan was going in the room. She went over to turn off the fan and pulled up the cord, the fan had been unplugged the whole time. "

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  1. True story? I like the ending. It WAS the fan... but what made the fan go? Creepy.