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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Ghost Story!

As many of you know that follow my blog that I have had this paranormal spirit in my apartment for roughly a year, probably longer. I decided that I would like to share some of the things that I have experienced off the camera. Some of the things I have experienced are actually quite funny. Let's start from the beginning of what was going on in my life at the time I discovered this spirit. My ex girlfriend had just moved in about 3 weeks before we started to notice that weird things were happening. She would always be like I know I did not put that there, and I mad a comment like "well it didn't just move its self lol" then as many of you have all ready read about the "Shower" post that I put up on here months ago. I thought something was watching me in the shower first I though it was just the girl trying to pull a trick on me. This was in the middle of the day and you would not expect any kind of supernatural activity in the daytime... right? lol. So as I started talking to this what I believed was my ex she comes running into the bathroom asking who I was talking to?? I said, "I was talking to you obviously" She responded, " I was in the kitchen I thought you was yelling for me lol". So in a lighter since that raised up a lot of red flags that something was going on during that time. What can I say if I was a ghost I would spy on me in the shower too lol just kidding!!! haha. I have gotten really conceited here lately not a good thing. I noticed that the activity around my place comes and goes; however, my neighbors tell me that they experience similar problems in their apartment. They said that sometimes they feel like something is there with them. So maybe the spirit is playing around with more people than just me??
Anyways I hope to everyone enjoys all the footage and the posts. Thanks for your support!!