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Sunday, November 4, 2012


There has been a lot of weird things happening in my apartment here lately. I wonder if the time of year has anything to do with it. I have not captured anything on film in a while, but maybe I can get a little something on film. Also this is kind of funny but i found my toothbrush in the bottom of my bathtub the other day so I know that the activity is still occurring. To everyone that follows my blog and my vids I am doing ok I have not had near as much activity in the apartment until recently as in this week. I plan to start documenting a weekly posting here on my blog to just keep everyone in formed a bit better. It is kind of weird that everything started happening during the week of Halloween. So anyways this is my update and I am hoping I will catch some activity this week and get a new vid up for everyone to see.

Thanks to everyone,
Joseph Chansuolme


  1. Hi Joseph,
    I've been watching you're Youtube paranormal vidoes with interest. Now I consider myself an open-minded agnostic when it comes to the supernatural as at this moment in time it can't be 100% proven of the existence of ghosts yet at the same time we can't rule out 'phenomena we have yet to understand'. I know of one or two friends of family who have experienced 'paranormal activity' in their homes - unexplained footsteps, TV turning on and off and other shit like that, however they live in either an old house or cottage. I have a couple of questions if that is okay:-
    1) Have you done any research into the history of your house, any eventful deaths/homicides which may contribute to unsettled astral beings residing in the property?
    2) What would you say your hit/miss ratio is when picking up unusual activity during an overnight film (i.e. how many videos do you chuck against the 7 uploaded here?)
    3) Are you familiar with Mark Apsolon who has posted over 40 'ghostly' videos on YouTube? I am quite skeptical about a lot of his videos as he is the 'Madeline' ghost appears as a solid being with a shadow and is far too life like i.m.o. Maybe he's showing us all how to make a 'ghost' video amongst his film tutorials, LOL. May I ask what your take is on his vidoes - real or fake?
    4) It is quite possible that the paranormal may one day be linked to quantum physics/extra dimensions/multiple universes etc. I for one think that dreams are not simply thoughts of our brain being jumbled and re-assembled but are gateways to parallel universes which our 'souls/spiritual beings' visit during REM sleep. Is this a theory you can identify with?

    Sorry for being so long but this is a subject I have a lot of interest in and is a basis on a lot of the electronic music I create. Please click on the 'My Web Page' link and have a listen! ;)

    Thanks for reading and look forward to more of your case studies.


  2. Any word on whether or not you're going to do that "My Ghost Story" show?

  3. Sometimes ghost show most activity during a time of year. I think this because my aunt moved out of a house that was haunted. It started right around Christmas day and never ended , so that's why she moved.

  4. Hi Joseph, My name is Sarah and I am the Case Manager for The Paranormal Research Group in my area. Im going to remain annonymous on this page, however, if we talk more, I will give you my personal email and fully identify myself to you only. My question is: Where abouts do you live and have you tried to contact any Paranormal Groups in your area or the closest one to? I do believe what I have seen so far looks authentic, but with that being said, I believe very little of what I see on Youtube. I may be able to help you get in touch with someone that is able to come and document first what it is that is going on, and then do something like a smudging to clear your house of anymore activity. I have been with my paranormal group for 2 years now and we have conducted 25 or so investigations in my area. Prior to joining my group, I was doing this on my own for 8 years with my own equipment. If any of this interests you let me know how we can get in touch privately and we can take it from there.

  5. Have you ever thought about getting Night Lights putting them in your hallway and then getting your camcorder hooking it up to your computer or your laptop and having live feed on then you can have more or live feed sometimes and link it to your YouTube account

  6. Compelling footage. It's not a phenomenon I would encourage, toy with, or take lightly. Unless you're scripting this. From a viewer's standpoint, your vids have entertainment potential. I'm curious to see where you take this and how far you develop the story. If we're to believe this is genuine, then follow the advice of the Warrens. --RM in SF

  7. Glad to hear from you. was worried for a min there. Hope to see new videos and wish you a happy thanksgiving. I shall return to wish you a merry christmas when the time comes.

  8. What I've seen is an orb flying into your camera shot as you are leaving. Have you thought about contacting TAPS? You definitely have something in your apartment.

    1. believe it or not Ghost Hunters is fake. After season 2 i think it was. They have admitted to it. But then again i Did read that off the internets and not everything is true...

  9. When will you be posting a new video? :)

  10. Thats not good:( have you thought about moving to another apartment?it may seem innocent at first but anything that can physicaly move anything is no good..maybe consider doing a blessing if you dont want to move(i wouldnt attempt it by yourself).a local church could no expert but best of luck


  12. Hey Joseph,
    During the fall season I have notice that there is more activity that picks up because the vale between the worlds becomes thin. Ghost are able to travel between the worlds easily. I have had several things happen to me every since I was a little girl. So if this is a fake like some people are saying then you a good at it. However, all that I have had happen to me it does not look fake to me. I have this ability about me that I can tell if there is a presence in the room or facility. I can also tell if the presence is good or bad. There is a lot more that I can do as well. I have not had the time to watch or read all that you have posted but if this presence has not harmed you then I believe that you are safe. Another word of advice do not try to encourage it. I have also learned that if you ask them what do you want in the name of Jesus they will let them intention know. I would also tell them that they need to leave your place in Jesus name and never come back. Then you need to have your house blessed by a priest. Hope this helps you!