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Friday, August 10, 2012

I am alive or am I??

I know by now that alot of my viewers and subs think that i have dies since I have not posted the new video yet; however, I am still alive and I have a lot of great footage to show everyone. I am trying to compile alot of it all together and I know all my viewers will love it. Anyways quick update on things that have been going on in the past month, I did get an investigator out here to check out the place and he seemed like he knew what he was talking about. He did say that I had a spirit but did not believe that it was here to cause any harm it just was a little mischievous. I asked him many questions concerning why it could be me? why does it stay here? ect. He began to explain that I, myself, may have some sort of connection to the paranormal being. He then declared maybe I have something it likes or is found of. The weirdest thing that I has happened since my last posting is the "rattling" like a table shaking its very creepy and extremely hard to sleep through. My lease will end soon so hopefully I can move out and be done with this adventure; however, the investigator said that if I have a connection to it like he believes, it will continue to follow me and stay a part of my life. So what do I do? How do I get rid of it? Do I want to get rid of it? these are all questions I have asked myself and wondered what the best solution is and I would love to hear the opinions of my viewers. Also I am sorry I have not replied to everyone I am getting alot of emails day and I can not reply to all of them. I do thank everyone for there support and help.



  1. Hello there!My Name is Tracy Two Crows.I Watched your Videos,No doubt you've got an Inter-Dimensional House Guest.Yours from what I've seen is a Poltergeist.(No,forget the Movie kind!).They CAN be gotten rid of&yes they can follow you.They usually are attracted to Young People usually between the ages of 12-25.They feed off of Nervous Energy,if you have Emotional Turmoil of some sort going on&the like.They don't usually appear the 1st Day you move in,unless they are a bit more of the Malevolent Type.Yours,seems to be trying desperately for attention.

    There's a Scientific way to explain The Paranormal,but it's too long for this Post,but suffice it to say for what you've got going on,once you can clear your own head of any re-curring serious Emotional Things,it won't have nearly as much energy to mess with you.I've had fun if you will for 42 years now with such things,so I'm used to them.The Paradox with Poltergeists,is that the more you feed them attention,the stronger they get.At this point(with them making the"wind"&you feeling their presence next to you),I'd suggest you get a good digital Recorder&try an EVP with them yourself.

    But to rid yourself of the darn pest,you have to work on cleaning out any Negative emotions you may have.That's why they hit Pre-Teens&Young Adults the most,because not only is it the most emotionally turbulent time of your Life,Your Pineal Gland in your Brain(aka 3rd Eye)is still pretty wide open.You haven't yet learned how to shut it off when you need to&that is how they attach to folks.Not a bad thing to have it open&functional,just gotta learn to use it,it's what we use in this Life to communicate with the other Dimensional beings&literally every single Living thing around us(Deja Vu&Premonition come from it as well)&what they use(in Residual Energy after they die,we all do)so learning how to use it now helps you GREATLY in The AfterLife.

    I would suggest besides doing an EVP,that you establish some rules with it until you can learn to cut it's energy supply from you off.Literally tell it that it HAS to behave,you gotta get some sleep&that you'd like for it to tell you what it wants&that it can in NO way borrow YOUR energy.In addition,try to go somewhere outside of your Apartment for about 30 Minutes before you go to bed&try to meditate(no,you don't have to be a Yogi),just try to take deep Breaths&clear your Mind.Then,think of a Thought that gives you Peace&utter Joy&try to stay as focused as possible on it when you go to sleep.You'll notice it will try to give you interfenerence&"change the channel"so to speak in your Head.Don't let it.The Thoughts Can be anything,be it a sport you do,just as long as it's super Positive.

    Our Thoughts actually have Mass,so we CAN "get in trouble"for our thoughts or"think our way out of it".Our thoughts GREATLY affect The "Spirit World".I hope this might help you a bit,If you'd like,I'll be happy to give you the Scientific version of how&why Ghosts&the like exist another time&it will make what I've said make ALOT more sense.Peace&may your 'Geist let you sleep!

    1. Hi tracy that was a deep and interesting post kinda answered some of my question i use to have .. i have some questions for you.
      how can i contact you ?

  2. Ohh I am soo excited to see more of your footage. :) It really is scary. I'm glad you even updated your blog as of two days ago so this is great recent activity from you. Haha I don't mean to wish you any harm or unpleasant happenings but I will be sad once these videos will be cut short due to the fact that you'll have to move out soon. But fear not!--I hope this phantom does not follow you for the rest of your life. I wouldn't be able to handle such a conundrum if a ghost lived with me or haunted me through out the ages.. I'd simply go mad! But all of your fans are glad to see that you're doing well and we are eager to see how your life will go on from there. Take care and keep us updated! Bye.

  3. You should make friends with the ghost. Like a roomate. If you feel alone you could also get a pet. Pets can sense paranormal things better than humans can

  4. I take paranormal events seriously when they appear to be real. There is a lot of magician work out there but yours doesn't seem that way. The comment from tracy two crows is interesting in regard to keeping a positive demeanor. I put my trust in humble teachings from the Gospels, Old Testament, Book of Enoch, Book of the Upright (Jasher) and the Book of Jubilees. I now understand that "UFOs" doing evil deeds like "crop circles", mutilations, abductions and genetic modifications are fallen angels. There are Upright angels but they are humble and would never ask you to exalt yourself over others.

    The demons, spirits, poltergeists, etc. that wander Earth are evil spirits that belonged to evil people and chimeras whose flesh has expired. I recommend that you do not try to converse with the dead because the benevolent spirits are busy resting in peace and should not be disturbed. Instead, clear your mind of negative thoughts such as thoughts that are hateful toward others (not that you have them but clear them if you do get them). The Ten Commandments can help you stay clear of negative selfishness. When your thoughts are positive your actions will follow. I use the "Lord's Prayer" when seeking spiritual protection which is often. Just thinking about the prayer works because it is positive and connects with "all authority under Heaven and Earth". I am not saying that you should go to church because a lot of hateful attitudes can be found there. Keep Scripture in your house that teaches humility. Stay away from self-exalting teachings from any source. Scripture is often mistranslated to trick people into self-exaltation. Take care of the people in your life including your apparent enemies. (That doesn't mean hang around your enemies and let them hurt you it just means help them indirectly if the opportunity presents itself but this does not include evil spirits.) I wish you well.

    1. I'm sorry but you are just plain wrong.

    2. I give u tons of credit buddy i would never ever stay in an appt with that kind of activity bu love the vids hope u can post more soon

  5. A few years ago, after a death in my family, a number of relatives began to have various experiences. A faucet turning on by itself when no one was near, light switches that took some "oompf" to flip seemed to do so on their own, coffee mugs appearing on the counter after having previously been placed in the cupboard. My uncle had been something of a prankster with a wicked sense of humor, I have no doubt that it is him who has done all of what I described. As freaky as it felt when it happened, it is nice to know that he is still "here" with us at times. He just finds "creative" ways to make his presence known.

  6. I've done some hunting with my ex (who has since passed away) and from my limited experience I'd say we are looking at a child or a young teen. The activity is just so mild almost childish that it cannot be a demon. I'm curious what he/she had for a late dinner though. ;) I know a reputable investigator, if you are still looking for one! Where are you at? Send me an email at

  7. Joseph, It will be sad to see your journey end with your paranormal friend. However weither you move or stay is something you need to decide. I think if you educated yourself more on what your dealing with you wouldn't be so creeped out as you state in your videos...If it was a demon you would definately feel more threatened and afraid and maybe even have scratches and real physical harm from it. In my opinion you have a mischevous poltergeist which i am dealing with as well. Unfortunately I purchased this house and my lease will never end lol. Anyway...whatever you decide I wish you well and success in all u do pls keep us updated as to what your plans are! Good Luck! xoxo

  8. Hey joseph. I have also experienced that follows the spirit of the whole of life with me. It's scary .. we played with my friends spiritualism scary game, when I was about 9-10 years old. Since then, I have experienced the paranormal and supernatural experiences. I'm only 23 years old woman from Finland. And I have a little boy. My son also see spirits, specifically the dead spirits. It's scary, no matter how much I moved home to another dead spirit comes after me. I'm really tired of the presence of spirits of the dead, I would like to live a normal life, and also to provide a normal life for my child. But these spirits of the dead and the supernatural and the paranormal things that interest me. And I've noticed that every time when I study these things begin to happen things. sometimes I do not think for months without thinking about the dead spirits of the events have been very quiet. Or nothing has happened. The Spirit does not leave even if I ask him to go into the light of love. I wish you all the best and I sincerely hope that the spirits would leave you too alone. ps: by examination and by being an active interest in spirits, you create them in some kind of connection that leads to the haunting. Sometimes try to ignore the spirits. Do not pay any attention, do not be afraid to think that the only. Bye- ~ Marii

  9. where have you been?! cant wait for next video, hope it comes soon, havent seen any activity from you in a while

  10. While I like your videos and can't wait to see another, I am glad to see you post so we know things are well for you. Healing blessings on anything going on in your life. I hope you find rest soon!

  11. Just started watching your videos and there is some crazy stuff goin on! I've experiences paranormal stuff before but nothing this intense. It gave me chills just watching the videos. Good luck with everything and hopefully you are able to get rid of it once you move.

  12. Hey my name is nikki and I also have had scary things like that happen in my life time. I now how it is to realy want out of a place that you see that kind of stuff in. And Im realy nervious about living in a place with my just wedded husband because I have lived in so many different places that had those paranormal things in them. But my husband showed me how to cleans the house.(this is not a game) First are you a born again believer in Christ? If not read John 3:16-21 and then you pray (you have to want it) "Dear heavenly Father Lord Jesus,Lord I know I need you and I know I have sinned against you please Lord forgive me of my sins. I except you Jesus Christ into my heart and I except the gift of eternal life." Right now you need to put on the full armor of god. I know it sounds crazy but it will make a difference. (the helmet of salvation, the breast plate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shoes of peace which brings the good news, the shield of faith, and the sword of the word of god.)(ask Jesus Christ to protect you in all you do. now you can get salt water or oil and go around your place speaking the authority of jesus while sprinkling the salt water or oil every where."In jesus name I command you to leave" "by the blood of jesus be gone in the name of Jesus" those weird things will probably going to happen while you are doing that. Any questions or need to talk you can contact me at (940)882-0362 ps this stuff is not to be played around with so please dont hesitate to call.(i am not a hollier than now kind of person. ive been there and done that) God Bless you

  13. Ok, first of all, ghosts don't care what religion you are. What works is "your" belief system. You can protect yourself only if you truly believe you can, no matter your faith. If you believe in the flying spaghetti monstor and think he can protect you, he absolutely can.
    Second, if you are afraid they will feed off of that. Fear is a powerful emotion and they can draw from that energy. It does seem playful, but you want to be careful not to piss it off. So just trying random things to get rid of it unless you have serious experience is NOT a wise thing to do.
    Giving it attention is part of what is "feeding" it. They tend to like when they know you are aware and this will increase activity.
    From watching only a few of your videos, there is more than one spirit, there are several, several orbs. So I'm curious if there is some portal or vortice there that has nothing to do with you or that location. Its just random.
    They seem to be intelligent, so i'm curious if you have tried getting it/them to communicate with you. Leave out some paper and a writing instrument and ask it to give you a name. Or get a digital recorder and ask it to identify itself. Tell it you want to know some things about it, how many there are, if they're male or female, what their names are, and then see if you can pick anything up. EVPs are occasionally clear as day, but frequently they're tinny sounding and difficult to interpret.

  14. There is also an app you can get for iphone called an iovulus that has proven to be amazingly accurate over time. Could be a way to communicate.
    There are a lot of amateurs out there who have watched a few TV shows and think they're experts. Be careful who you take advice from. I've lived in a couple of haunted places, so I know how intimidating it can be. But that was before I became an experienced paranormal investigator. If you want help to find someone reputable in your area, go to
    They have a solid reputation and can help you out. Go to their ghost store and call the phone number if you have any questions. They're very knowledgeable and won't steer you wrong. Good luck. I love your videos, great stuff.

  15. I should mention; ghosts, at least the malevolant ones, can somehow see what's in our mind and they will take images that you specifically are afraid of and that is what they will manifest as to generate fear that they can feed off of. That's why so many christians will claim to see "demons" in the classic form. i'm not so sure demons actually exist, but I do know malevolent spirits do, and they will try to feed off of your fear. If you are afraid of clowns, that is how they will appear to you. I know you mentioned your GF moved out, don't know if this had anything to do with it, but they'll also work to come between two people, will pick on one to single them out. It can lead to arguments. This generates that negative energy that feeds them.
    I wouldn't necessarily sage your place to try and get rid of them, depending on the situation which is an unknown, it can piss them off and although it might take care of it for a while, they will com back stronger.
    If you really want to see the activity stop, quit giving them attention. Tell them its been fun, but you need your peace. Personally, I'd use it as an opportunity to see what you might be able to learn from them about the other side.

  16. One more comment, for you and others.
    Poltergeists are not actual ghosts or spirits. Its been demonstrated through studies that it is unbridled kinetic energy that is actually coming from a specific person, typically a teen, and most often females.

  17. Well if it does continue I hope you keep posting updates - as long as this thing is not vicious it would be interesting to see what kind of interaction you could get...

  18. I've found being direct to be the most effective. I had a spirit in an old apartment, and though I had no way of proving it, I sensed it to be that of an older man. He (which I'll call it since I don't have any other way of describing it) was generally very quiet: never really moved anything, or made noise. I did get glimpses of shadows and orbs, and my cat was very aware of his presence, and I often felt like I was being watched. When it really started to creep me out, I declared, out loud and as directly as possible, that I didn't mind his presence so long as he didn't harass me or interfere with my life. And that was it. The activity never increased, and if I felt like I was being watched and it made me uncomfortable, I told him to leave me alone and the feeling would pass.

    Your ghost sounds friendly enough, and I'm pretty sure that it's just trying to get your attention and enjoying your reactions. If its behavior is really bothering you, tell it to stop; most ghosts will listen. Ghosts are, after all, people, and most people are willing to cooperate. That being said, there isn't any reason to be fearful or rude either. Frankly I'm amazed at the level of interaction you've gotten; most ghosts can't/don't manifest that well.

    1. Anna- I can totally relate to your experience. When I was a teenager we moved to a townhouse, that wasn't old or anything. But I always felt like something was with me. My cat would stare at a corner wide eyed, or quickly watch something around my room like there was a bird flying around. I'd feel an overwelming creepy feeling come over me. Sometimes the radio in the living room would just turn on by itself. It creeped the hell out of me. A couple of times I would "wake up" in the middle of the night and not be able to move, or open my eyes, yet I was awake. One time I heard something like a lightbulb smashing and it woke me up. I opened my eyes and a demon like creature came flying at me out of the top corner of the ceiling in my bedroom. I've never been so scared in my life. And it disapeared as fast as it appeared. But like you, I would concentrate and say either in my head or out loud, please leave you are scaring me and I don't like it. And just like that, the feeling would go away. As soon as I moved out of that house, all the creepy feelings went away. I never feel like that now. But for some reason, telling it straight out to leave me alone, seemed to work at that moment. It didn't keep it away, but it would stop at that time.

  19. I am of the belief that demons or ghosts are fallen angels. The bible is clear the dead know nothing. So when I see shadow people which I do regularly I know its a fallen angel. Because I accept the truth the dead know nothing and we sleep until the second coming of Jesus, fallen angels regularly try to scare me. I hear disembodied conversations in my basement. Sometimes I hear humming in the corner of my bedroom. I firmly tell it to leave in the name of Jesus and it stops. I do not recommend telling it to show you who it is in the name of Jesus because you won't like what you see... I know from personal experience.

  20. Have you seen the paranormal activity movies? If you have, then you know you should leave your apartment. I know the movie isn't real and those were actors but you are having real activity and it's creepy that similar things that happened in the movie is happening to you. You should move, so you don't end up like Katie and Micha. If the ghost or demon follows you, then maybe you should get your apartment blessed by a priest. I also watch the TV show Supernatural and If it was me, i would try using salt and put salt around your bed.

  21. My thoughts on this is that this spirit(s) followed you there. I say this because you mentioned your apartment is only 5 years old, and it's not completely unlikey but highly unlikely they are attached to that place. It's either you or something you have. Have you ever in your life tried to make contact with anything previous to living where you are living now? Good luck with everything. BTW, totally go on the show. :)

  22. the same thing happened to me.
    it is possible to lose it.
    you have to forget it.

    dont focus on it
    you are making it a part of who you are by running this site and watching the videos after you wake up.

    I could not believe when I saw the water thing.
    SAME THING happened to me.

    Get baptized.
    move far away
    Burn sage

    and do not remember it.
    dont bring it up
    dont feed it.

    if it is a demon it is keeping the other smaller energies hostage.

    you dont want to end up one of them.
    they may be trying to warn you.


  23. Hi Joseph!I just got to knew your story...
    Look, my family and I are Spiritism Kardecists, we do understand about them, specially my mom because she is medium and she can see them, they are just peoples who died and can't get rid of this world...and they got stuck here...
    If this spirit is attached to you, then, it doesn't work if you move, go to curch or anything else, my mom said that everybody has an "angel", it means that everybody has some good spirit look out for us and its up for us to pray for this soul who still got stuck in this world...
    Spiritism is not a religious sect but a philosophy or a way of life by which its followers live by. Its followers have no priests or ministers and do not follow any religious rituals in their meetings. They also do not call their places of meetings as churches, and instead call them by various names such as centers, society or association. Their activities consist mainly of studying the Spiritist doctrine, applying spiritual healing to the sick and organizing charitable missions...
    It means nothing if you want to help them, but don't know how, instead, try to look for this centers and study about spiritism, it will expand your way of life...TRUST ME, you don't necessary need to frequently go, but try to understand and help this soul that I bellieve it's still confused....
    I'll be praying for you!